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Chapter 381: Wangfei
    Lou Beiyu stares at the man guarding in front of Jin Wangye. This man has a cold and quiet expression, but his features are very beautiful; gentle as jade. The entire person’s temperament would make others feel like they simply can’t move their eyes away.
    This man before him is actually Yanwu Continent’s former first genius, the Dustless Swordsman, Bai Yichen!
    Lou Beiyu can’t understand it no matter what.
    How can a gongzi who was first under heaven, be reduced to an errand dog of Jin Wangye!
    “Lou Beiyu, considering that you are her apprentice, I can’t kill you. However, you better behave here and stay put for me, then you can participate in the wedding between Ben Wang and Muyan. Otherwise, don’t blame Ben Wang if you want to live and I won’t let you, want to die and I won’t allow you!”
    Lou Beiyu’s actions have clearly angered Jin Wangye, so with a wave of the latter’s hand: “Bai Yichen, take this person away and properly look after him, he simply mustn’t be allowed to run away. After Muyan has arrived, she must never be allowed to find where he is.”
    Bai Yichen gives a slight bow, his voice is indifferent: “Yes, Wangye!”
    After that, he pays no heed to Lou Beiyu’s kicking and screaming, as he directly lifts the other up and withdraws from the room.
    Walking out of the Wangfu’s doorway, a cold gleam streaks across Bai Yichen’s eyes.
    In the end, all the women of Jin Wangfu are dragged out.
    In a short while, the residence that had originally been packed with orioles and swallows* has been emptied.
  •     A lot of young women with a common goal (concubines and/or prostitutes)
    All the slave servants that work in the Wangfu hear that Wangye is doing these, all in order to welcome the true Jin Wangfei.
    And the identity of this Jin Wangfei is just making the servants and guards extremely curious.
    It should be known that Jin Wangye has been acting tyrannically and dissolutely for so many years – when has he been without women on his left and right arms?
    How could he possibly dismiss all his concubines for a woman?
    “Just what is the status of this Wangfei? Is it some country’s princess?”
    “Ha, what would a princess amount for? Even that Gong Qianxue, who has the title of Yanwu Continent’s number one genius, simply can’t be mentioned in the same breath as this new Wangfei of ours.”
    “Who is this new Wangfei after all?”
    “Do you know about that Philter of Barrier Breaking? These days, it’s auctioned at an extremely high price in the Ghost City?”
    “Of course I do, I heard that ten million gold coins aren’t enough to buy it now.”
    “Hehe, that draught is something that our new Wangfei refines. There’s also that Enchantress of Medicine that’s less than twenty years old, and currently under the limelight in Tianyuan City – that’s still our new Wangfei!”
    Everyone hearing this information has become extremely shocked.
    Thus, when the carriage has finally arrived at the main gate, many of the slave girls and the servants boys can’t help but sneak out and take a peep.
    The carriage curtain is lifted open.
    A girl, wearing a simple yet elegant lake-blue long skirt, slowly comes down from it.
    The moment they see her – be it Jin Wangye who’s standing at the doorway to welcome her, the guards standing behind him, or the servants hiding in the dark – they all simultaneously suck in a mouthful of cold air.
    So… so beautiful!
    Fish sink and goose alights*, hiding the moon and shaming the flowers* – such words can’t begin to describe the ethereal, extreme beauty of this girl.
  • (1) female beauty captivating even the birds and beasts, (2) f. beauty that exceeds even the natural world
    Some people even think:
    No wonder Jin Wangye dismissed his concubines – after seeing such a gorgeous woman, how can common rouges and vulgar powders still enter his eyes?
    After being stunned in his obsession, Jin Wangye abruptly comes back to his senses.
    He takes two or three steps forward, wanting to grab Muyan’s hand, “Muyan, Ben Wang has been looking forward for you to finally come.”
    Neither fast nor slow, Muyan takes a step back.
    Her movements aren’t too large, and it just allows her to avoid Jin Wangye’s hand.
    She carelessly looks at the man in front of her, somewhat sneering as she says, “I’m sorry, who are you? I don’t seem to be familiar with you? Are you allowed to call me Muyan?”
    Everyone at the scene shows an expression of one who’s looking at a ghost.

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