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Chapter 379: A Blessing or a Curse
    Against reason, this Miss Jun has actually forgotten all about their Wangye, as well the matter of the marriage proposal.
    However, just who is this uniformed man ah!
    What great gales and turbulent waves has he not encountered?
    He quickly adjusts his facial expression, smiling as he says: “Miss Jun, in complete sincerity, I am waiting to have you come with us. Please follow us back to the residence for a chat, and please do not refuse.”
    Muyan looks at them with a smile that isn’t a smile, “And if I absolutely want to refuse?”
    The color of the man’s eyes grow darker, and his tone becomes more and more respectful. But what he says next makes Muyan frown for the first time.
    “Miss Jun is a person that our Wangye has fallen for – in any case, we wouldn’t dare to raise a hand against you, Miss.”
    “But there’s something that this humble one would like Miss Jun to know. My family’s Wangye has always been on friendly terms with the royal family of Chi Yan. This time, we unexpectedly ran into Chi Yan’s Third Prince, so we specially invited him to the Jin Wangfu, just to reminisce about old times with Wangye.”
    Muyan slowly narrows her eyes, and a dangerous light comes out of her whole body, “You captured Lou Beiyu.”
    Nevertheless, she can’t help but inwardly bewail about this stupid apprentice.
    What kind of fate is this!
    Easily getting captured, threatened, or made to wear a green hat.
    This stupid apprentice shouldn’t have a naturally terrible feng shui in his eight characters, right?
    The middle-aged man sees Muyan’s expression, and he can’t help but laugh, “How can it be said that he was captured? The Third Prince was merely invited over as a guest. Of course, if Miss Jun is not willing to go back with us…”
    “Whether the Third Prince would remain as a guest, or be lowered to a prisoner – this humble one wouldn’t dare to give any guarantees.”
    The light in Muyan’s eyes congeal, and her figure suddenly disappears.
    A change comes over the middle-aged man’s expression.
    Within a spark of flint, he only feels a brush of wind on his face.
    The next moment, an unadorned jade-white hand is lightly pinching his neck.
    The man widens his eyes in alarm, his face is filled with incredulity as he stares at the beautiful face that is in close proximity.
    She… when did she approach?
    Why didn’t he see her move just now?
    He instinctively operates the the Mysterious Energy in his body, wanting to fight back.
    He is a peak Heaven Stage powerhouse, and it is reasonable to say that Jun Muyan, a girl who isn’t even twenty, could never be his match.
    But to his horror, he finds that as he operates his mysterious energy, it seems to be sucked away by a gigantic force.
    Like a clay ox entering the sea, it disappears without a trace.
    The terror in the middle-aged man’s heart is like a tremendous, towering wave.
    Just who is this Jun Muyan?
    Could it be that she’s stronger than him?
    A young girl that is stronger than him, what could her cultivation be? Is it… Precelestial?
    This… how is this possible?!
    Such talent, isn’t this ten thousand times more awe-inspiring than Jing Cheng Country’s Princess Qianxue?
    The middle-aged man is bewildered, and he can only try to gather his Mysterious Energy to fight back once again.
    However, the hand clasping his neck suddenly loosens.
    The girl’s figure is like smoke as it suddenly retreats, and once again stands leisurely in a distance.
    “Alright, your threat gives me no choice but to accept.”
    “I will follow you back to Huang Yao.”
    The man stares blankly, he looks at Muyan somewhat disbelievingly.
    A vague premonition rises in his mind for a moment.
    Jin Wangye insisting on marrying this woman, is it actually a large calamity approaching?
    Very quickly however, he shakes his head to throw these thoughts away. He bows to say: “Miss Jun, please, the carriage is already ready at the alley’s entrance. From here, we would definitely arrive at Huang Yao within three days’ travel.”

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  2. This Third Prince is nothing but a pain in the ass that needs to be saved all the time. He seriously should either be locked up at the Imperial Palace or get kicked out and demoted to a commoner. This is the only way to protect him from people using him.


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