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Chapter 369: Chain of Slaps
    Now, she can’t even think about how terrible her swollen cheeks and bloody wounds are.
    That’s because later, wounds that are ten times uglier than these would be reproduced on Jun Muyan’s face.
    But after a short period of time, Shi Lanling suddenly feels that the cuts on her face are somewhat itchy.
    She furrows her brows, barely restraining herself from using her hands to scratch it.
    But the itch is getting stronger and stronger, making Shi Lanling almost doubt whether or not Jun Muyan is deliberately causing her harm.
    Just when she couldn’t bear it anymore, wanting to scratch it-
    Jun Muyan’s drawling voice drifts by her ears, “Shi Xianzi, wounds that are rapidly healing would naturally be itchy to an almost intolerable degree. But in order to not leave any scarring, nor affect the healing process, I advise that you better not to scratch it with your hands.”
    Shi Lanling’s hand stiffens, and she’s about to retort, ‘how could it possibly heal so quickly’.
    Suddenly, her eyes widen into circles as she rigidly stares at the glass mirror in front of her.
    The wound on her face is really closing! It’s really healing!
    Furthermore, as time goes by, the itching on her face becomes more and more intense, and the wound is healing faster and faster.
    Shi Lanling doesn’t know how much time has passed, but it absolutely hasn’t been fifteen minutes yet.
    The three cuts on her face has unexpectedly, already begun to scab.
    A piece of scab has even fallen off, revealing the new flesh beneath it.
    But sure enough, as Muyan said, even though there’s remnants of the damage, it’s not deep at all.
    It probably wouldn’t take three days for them to completely disappear.
    “A quarter of an hour… has come.” Muyan twirls a stray hair that’s hanging at the side of her face, unhurriedly saying, “I wonder if Shi Xianzi is satisfied with the wound’s healing?”
    Shi Lanling goes stiff from head to foot, her complexion is sluggish from shock, and she couldn’t say a single word.
    At the side, Rui Zhu can’t help but take a closer look, and she’s unable to stop herself from shouting: “Miss, your wounds really did heal completely! This, how is this possible?! In this world, how can there be such a miraculous draught?!”
    Muyan laughs grimly and turns around, then she takes Xiao Bao from Di Ming Jue’s arms, kissing the former on his cheek.
    Humph, being able to do alchemy is so amazing – hah!
    Even if she can’t concoct Pills, she can still leave this woman behind by ten blocks!
    Nevertheless, remembering that the Nine-Holed Golden Dan that she absorbed was refined by this disgusting woman, Muyan still gets very upset.
    Isn’t it just alchemy?
    She doesn’t believe that she couldn’t learn it!
    As soon as he enters Muyan’s embrace, Xiao Bao immediately hugs her neck, and he speaks with a crisp and childish voice: “Niangqin’s medicine is the best!”
    That intimacy is completely different when he was in Di Ming Jue’s hold.
    Han Ye derisively watches Shi Lanling’s listless face.
    He’s not sure if this woman has brain damage or mental problems.
    Why does she keep on handing her face over and over to get slapped!
    Jun Shang slapping her wasn’t enough, so she still asked for the Little Gongzi to strike. The Little Gongzi’s slap still didn’t satisfy her, and still had to make Miss Jun slap her again.
    Tsk, tsk… a cheap crook is really hopeless!
    “Shi Xianzi, now that your wounds are healed, may I ask if there’s anything else? If there’s nothing else, then please hurry and leave! Our Di Yuan does not allow… outsiders to come near!”
    Shi Lanling’s body sways unsteadily, and she turns around to walk away.
    Just as she’s leaving however, Muyan suddenly beams a smile and begins to talk.
    “Oh, that’s right. There’s one thing that I forgot to tell Shi Xianzi.”
    “The draught that Shi Xianzi had just used to heal your wound, I accidentally mixed it with a bit of White Jade Purple Frost.”
    “But I think Shi Xianzi certainly wouldn’t mind. After all, Shi Xianzi had said that a mere White Jade Purple Frost is something that you can casually and easily solve.”

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