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Chapter 367: Disgust
    Saying that, Shi Lanling looks at Muyan, a sincere expression in her eyes, “Miss Jun is also a woman, so you must know how important one’s appearance is to women. Had it been you who had your face injured, wouldn’t you be furious?”
    “But I was only angry for a while, and wanted to punish your young son to prevent a larger-scale repetition. I absolutely had no intention of killing him.”
    The tip of Muyan’s brow quirks up, filled with sarcasm, “‘To punish a little to prevent a lot’ by using White Jade Purple Frost powder?”
    “Correct! The powder is extremely poisonous, but I’m an alchemist, as well as an apothecary.”
    Shi Lanling reveals a disdainful and arrogant look, “On alchemy and refining drugs, I believe that you won’t find even a few people who are better than me in the entire Yanwu Continent. After disciplining the young Gongzi, I can naturally help to remove the insignificant poison of the White Jade Purple Frost from him.”
   Pausing, she sends Di Ming Jue a glance and says: “This is also the reason why I didn’t dare to use the draught from the young Gongzi. Although Miss Jun is now the newly-famous Enchantress of Medicine, but I’m afraid that she’s still far from reaching me when it comes to refining medicine and alchemy.”
    “Otherwise, you wouldn’t have look for me to refine the Nine-Holed Golden Dan that you had taken.”
    After saying this, Shi Lanling has a grim smile as she looks at how Muyan’s complexion changes.
    Such a reminder is plainly letting Muyan know that Shi Lanling is far better than her when it comes to the field of Pills and medicine.
    Even if she fooled around with Di Jun and even gave birth to a vile spawn, what about it?
    She hasn’t heard of any information in the Ghost City about Di Jun getting married.
    Han Ye also said that Jun Muyan is merely the future Mistress of Di Yuan.
    That is to say, Di Ming Jue is only temporarily bewitched by this woman.
    As long as Jun Muyan and her son are rooted out, then position of Di Yuan’s Mistress is still hers.
    Since young, with Shi Lanling’s awe-inspiring talents and deep ambitions-
    Knowing what she wants, she will definitely be able to obtain it, even if she doesn’t know how.
    So even though she’s battered and exhausted right now, and the hate in her heart has reached an extreme point,
    She still immediately adjusts her state, and tries to tenaciously suppress Jun Muyan – all to make Di Ming Jue know that she is the most suitable Mistress for Di Yuan.
    Shi Lanling’s words are indeed making Muyan very frustrated.
    That’s because Shi Lanling said something that’s true.
    She can’t do alchemy!
    And as it happened, Di Ming Jue had to look for Shi Lanling when he wanted to have the Nine-Holed Golden Dan refined for her.
    The Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers that she had painstakingly cultivated were all sent to this woman as well.
    All of these is making her feel disgusted, like she has swallowed a housefly.
    Shi Lanling sees the changes on Muyan’s expressions, and an aggressive smugness flashes through her eyes.
    “I specially came here today to deliver the Nine-Holed Golden Dan to you, Miss Jun. I didn’t expect that I would now suffer such a disaster, my appearance damaged. Although I could refine a draught to heal the wound, it would take at least three months to completely be restored…”
    She doesn’t continue saying the end of her piece, but the hurt and grievance in her speech is plainly and clearly displayed.
    Had it been someone who doesn’t know the entire situation, that person would probably, truly think that she is the very innocent victim.
    Di Ming Jue could feel Muyan’s anger, and a desire to commit murder suddenly flashes through his eyes.
    He didn’t pay any attention to Shi Lanling, because everyone in the Yanwu Continent are like rocks and insects to him, except for Muyan and Xiao Bao. He simply doesn’t care about other people, nor does he bother with them.
    But this woman actually moved against Xiao Bao, and even made Muyan unhappy.
    It would be better for her to die!
    However, Muyan unexpectedly tugs his sleeves, and directly places Xiao Bao in his arms.
    Di Ming Jue is stumped, and his movements are stiff as he holds Xiao Bao in his embrace.

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