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Chapter 366: Ben Jun’s Son
    What’s more, the intimate picture that the three have just made is really stabbing her eyes, as well as her heart.
    Now, she sees Di Ming Jue walking towards her one step at a time.
    The rims around Shi Lanling’s eyes couldn’t help but redden, tears welling up and falling down, “Di Jun, you…”
    She still hasn’t finished her words when Di Ming Jue interrupts her, “Earlier, you said that Ben Jun hasn’t properly taught my son?”
    “You even want to make Ben Jun pay the price for it?”
    Di Ming Jue’s expression is very cold, apathetic even – as if everything and everyone in the world simply doesn’t enter his eyes.
    And an insignificant Yanwu Continent is something that he really doesn’t have to care about.
    But this kind of indifference, like he’s looking at an ant, it’s making Shi Lanling’s wholehearted affection instantly turn into fear.
    She opens her mouth, her voice trembling, “Di Jun, I… I didn’t know that he’s your…”
    Again, her voice has yet to fall-
    Di Ming Jue doesn’t even move a hand, but Shi Lanling screams as she rises up in the air and slams down to the ground.
    As she raises her head, everyone sees that her cheeks are really swollen.
    Coupled with the gashes from the rabbit’s claws, the originally lucid and elegant countenance has suddenly become a spectacle too horrible to endure.
    Di Ming Jue stands high as he looks down on her, a trace of ridicule in his expression, “Ben Jun’s son is someone that you are qualified to teach?”
    Shi Lanling uses her hands to cover her red and swollen face, her eyes are filled with disbelief, fear, and resentment.
    She sees that Di Ming Jue wants to do it again.
    Shi Lanling couldn’t bear it anymore, and she weeps and shouts, “Jun Muyan, you shouldn’t go too far!”
    “You obviously instructed that beast to go and destroy my face first, and I only wanted to punish that animal, but your son just had to refuse, even slandering me to my face. What’s wrong with teaching him a lesson?!”
    Hearing that, Muyan looks at the fat rabbit.
    The fat rabbit shudders and hops, disappearing. It really went into the Space.
    The rabbit also knows that it did something wrong, and although it doesn’t regret it, it’s still extremely afraid that the female devil will turn it into stir-fried rabbit.
    Xiao Bao slightly flattens his mouth, his voice muffled: “Niangqin, I apologized for the bunny, and also gave her the medicine that you made, but…”
    This woman not only refused, she even smashed the medicine bottle!
    XIao Bao doesn’t continue, but Muyan could see the smashed bottle fragments by the gate, and she could smell the medicinal fragrance that lingers in the air. She immediately knows what happened.
    Muyan kisses Xiao Bao’s face, softly saying: “Xiao Bao did the right thing. If you’ve done something wrong, you should apologize. But if they bully you, you have to resist.”
    Hearing that, Xiao Bao’s dark blue eyes brighten.
    Muyan shifts her gaze, and it falls on Shi Lanling. There’s a cold smile on her mouth: “Shi Xianzi, I’m very sorry that my spiritual pet had injured you. But you tried to use [White Jade Purple Frost] to kill my son, isn’t that a bit too much?”
    Hearing [White Jade Purple Frost], a change comes over the faces of those guards and Han Ye.
    This is a well-known sinister drug in the Yanwu Continent.
    It can torture a person for a long while, not living or dying, until he eventually dies in despair.
    Shi Lanling is called a ‘fairy’, yet she used such a sinister thing to deal with a child?
    This is really, far too much!
    A great change comes over Shi Lanling’s expression. She didn’t expect that Jun Muyan would actually recognize the [White Jade Purple Frost] with one glance.
    More than that, as she meets Di Ming Jue’s cold and murderous gaze, her whole body trembles uncontrollably.
    But very quickly, she forcefully calms herself down.
    Her hand lightly strokes her badly injured cheek, and with a tremble in her voice: “I’m sorry, I somewhat lost my reason because of the sudden wound on my face.”

6 thoughts on “EMHS – ch366

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  2. You lost reason because of sudden wound to your face. It is obvious then how vain you are.

    If you are such a powerful alchemist, I am sure you are able to cure your wound.

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    • maybe she is powerful alchemist but as a mere human.. she is so arrogant and despicable. well DMJ will surely punish her.. just dont kill her but let her live worse than death.. let the world know how sinister she is 😌😌

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