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Chapter 365: Little Master
    Their regret right now is really like an endless torrential river.
    But unfortunately, this regret is too late!
    After listening to the guards giving their account of the entire course of events, Han Ye turns around to look at Xiao Bao, his strict face immediately swells with a smile: “Little Master, how do you think should we deal with these men, subordinates who have offended their superior?”
   Although Xiao Bao is Miss Muyan’s child with her “ex-husband”, Han Ye knows that in order to woo Miss Muyan, Jun Shang already regards Xiao Bao as his own son, even grooming him as the heir to the Polar Domain.
   And he doesn’t know why, but Han Ye always has this feeling that Xiao Bao and their Jun Shang have some particular similarities in their Qi Fields. If he’s going to serve Xiao Bao as Master in the future, he wouldn’t have even a bit of mental pressure.
    So the matter of punishing the guards, he doesn’t even ask Jun Shang, directly asking for Xiao Bao’s opinion instead.
    Sure enough, Jun Shang is completely without any objections.
    Even deigning to send him an appreciative glance. Han Ye almost couldn’t feel overwhelmed by this favor from his superior, as he’s doubting his own perception.
    Xia Bao draws himself to Muyan’s neck, looks towards Di Ming Jue, and then looks towards Muyan again.
    He sees Muyan look at him with a smile, without any intention of deterring him.
    His big, bright and intelligent eyes blink. Turning his little face, he says: “Do they have salaries?”
    Han Ye stares blankly, momentarily not understanding Xiao Bao’s train of thought. He blankly nods his head, “Of course!”
    Di Yuan’s servants have far more than just a salary, they’re treated so well that it’s practically in defiance of the natural order.
    Xiao Bao nods his head in deadly earnest, “Each one would be fined a year’s salary, and these will be sent to the Junji Medical Center within three days.”
    “That’s all?” The guards have disbelieving faces.
    No lashes, no crippling of their cultivations, not even losing their place in the Di Yuan?
    Xiao Bao sends them a disdainful glance: “You think it’s not enough?”
    “Enough! It’s enough!” the guards are overjoyed at the unexpected good news, and they plop down to kneel on the ground, “Many thanks for the Little Master’s forgiveness!”
    “Within three days, we will definitely deliver all our salaries!”
    It’s only a year’s worth of money, it wouldn’t matter even if they have to triple it!
    Xiao Bao turns to Muyan, his huge eyes are bright, “Niangqin, the money is all for you! Do you like it?”
    Muyan smiles, her brows and eyes are curved up. Indescribably gentle, “Thank you, baby. Niangqin likes it very much!”
    Xiao Bao’s cold little face reveals a faint smile, his cheeks red. It’s adorable beyond words.
    Han Ye silently glances at the cold-faced Jun Shang.
    In his mind, he can’t help but mourn: Miss Jun, Little Gongzi, what salary do you want ah! This money is still from our Jun Shang – and as long as you get tied to him, then all the rare treasures in the world would be something that you can just pick as you wish!
    The guards who have escaped punishment are in high spirits as they get up from the ground.
    One of them seems to suddenly think of something, and he sneaks a glance at Shi Lanling. He lowers his voice and repeats the words that Shi Lanling had said earlier.
    Once she comes to know that it was Shi Lanling who inflicted the [White Jade Purple Frost] on Xiao Bao, Muyan’s expression immediately becomes terribly frightening.
    This woman actually wants to kill Xiao Bao!
    If it wasn’t for Xiao Bao’s special physique, that almost all the poisons in the Yanwu Continent wouldn’t be effective on him, then perhaps Xiao Bao would be seriously hurt by now.
    When she thinks of Xiao Bao getting hurt, Muyan couldn’t control the ruthless murderousness flaring within her.
    But without waiting for Muyan to react-
    Di Ming Jue unhurriedly makes his way to Shi Lanling.
    Shi Lanling’s entire being is listless.
    She simply doesn’t want to believe that Di Ming Jue and Muyan have actually had an illicit affair already, even having a bastard from it.
    How can she accept such an outcome?

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