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Chapter 362: Want to fight then let’s fight, why so long-winded
    There are no ripples in his ice-blue irises as they coldly sweep through everyone.
    The other guards immediately feel their balls tighten, and they clamp up their legs.
    A cup of tea later (10mins), all the guards of Di Yuan’s outer courtyard are crawling on the ground, miserable pig-like shrieks rise and fall in succession.
    Only Xiao Bao stands indifferently at his original spot, his handsome little face without any expression, and even the clothes on his body didn’t get any wrinkles.
    It’s as if the one who just went ahead and knocked down several high level practitioners isn’t him.
    The fat rabbit happily wags its short tail, and jumps into Xiao Bao’s arms.
    Its mouth produces howl-like sounds that seem like fawning words: Little Master is the best! Long live the Little Master! I’ll follow Little Master for a lifetime, hug Little Master’s thigh and never let go!
    Shi Lanling is struck dumb as she looks at the scene in front of her, almost unable to believe her own eyes.
    A mere four or five-year-old child could actually knock down Di Yuan’s guards.
    And these guards, each of them is an elite in the Ghost City. If you take them to the outside world, each one of them could become a famous expert.
    However, these people have been beaten down by a four or five-year-old child.
    More than that, they didn’t have the least bit of power to resist when they were getting knocked down.
    Just who is this little child?!
    There is horror across Rui Zhu’s entire face as she looks at Xiao Bao, and at the guards howling in pain on the ground.
    “Miss… this… this…”
    Shi Lanling takes another deep breath and pushes away the frantic Rui Zhu. Step by step, she walks towards Xiao Bao.
    Her face has already resumed its usual pride and coldness – set up on high like a fairy.
    But those sinister gashes on her face is destroying her temperament.
    Making the entire person appear gloomy and harsh.
    Shi Lanling makes her way before Xiao Bao, towering as she looks down on him and the rabbit in his arms, “I originally didn’t want raise a hand against a child, but you’re forcing me to so.”
    She takes a pause, “I’ll give you a final chance to give me the animal you’re holding, and I’ll spare your life!”
    Spare his life, spare him from the mortal crime, but not from a living hell!
    At this moment, the more Shi Lanling looks at this little boy, the more displeasing he is in her eyes, and the more she loathes him.
    Therefore, she absolutely won’t let him off lightly today.
    The corner of Xiao Bao’s mouth twitches up a bit, revealing a cold and mocking smile on his handsome little face, “Auntie, you really talk too much. If you want to fight, then let’s fight. Why are you so long-winded?”
    Shi Lanling’s complexion bursts into a sickly pallor, and the way she looks at Xiao Bao is chilling and malevolent like a viper.
    “Since you want to court death, then I’ll help you with it!!”
    Although Xiao Bao knocked down the guards of Di Yuan’s outer courtyard, Shi Lanling never felt that she would lose to him.
    Shi is a Heaven Stage powerhouse!
    She didn’t want to move her hand, not wanting to lower her dignity and bother about a small child.
    But this little boy in front of her is really too loathsome.
    Today, she will let him have a proper taste of the consequences from offending her.
    Shi Lanling strikes out with a palm, and strong Mysterious Energy moves through the air.
    Between her fingers, there’s a strange shroud of blue-green strands of light.
    If someone who’s knowledgeable with it sees this scene, that person would certainly be frightened.
    That’s because in Shi Lanling’s palm strike, not only is she using the excessive amount of 90% of her Mysterious Energy, the energy in this palm is even mixed with the extremely poisonous powder – [White Jade Purple Frost].
    This isn’t a poison that will draw blood and seal the throat*, it won’t make a person die immediately.
    But it can destroy the person’s meridians and Qi Sea, making the victim suffer all kinds of torment and eventually die in pain.
    At this very moment, Shi Lanling has even forgotten that she wanted to deal with the rabbit that wounded her face.
    With her whole heart and soul, she only wants Xiao Bao to pay a painful price.
    “Woo–!!” the fat rabbit could sense dreadfulness of the [White Jade Purple Frost], and the hair on its entire body is standing up on end.
  • reference to Antiaris toxicaria Lesch/Upas tree, notoriously used in poison arrows, darts, etc… it has an overblown reputation as allusions to its poisonous nature appears in literature (not only in Chinese). Although I say ‘draw blood and seal the throat(see blood, seal throat), it could also be interpreted as Cardiac arrest: a sudden loss of blood flow resulting from the failure of the heart to effectively pump. Symptoms include loss of consciousness and abnormal or absent breathing. Idk, kinda interesting to add.

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  2. Shi Lanling definitely sealed her death. You dare to harm Xiao Bao. Even his father will have to take action to appease his mother if he is hurt.

    I cannot wait for the next chapter.

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