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Chapter 358: What ‘moved’, it all flies up in the clouds
    With a lowered voice: “If you don’t meditate, the Nine-Holed Golden Dan’s efficacy would be squandered in vain.”
    His tone is brimming with pampering and indulgence, like Muyan has just been acting spoiled and making trouble for no reason.
    Muyan could also feel the alternating heat and coldness rolling over and over in her Qi Sea.
    She quickly sits down in a cross-legged position.
    The Mysterious Energy within her body runs wildly, flowing through her limbs and bones.
    The Mysterious Energy all over Muyan’s body increases, along with its strength.
    A faint mellifluous music drifts within the air.
    The tip of Di Ming Jue’s brows twitch up. His eyes that have always been cold and unruffled amidst chaos, now reveal astonishment.
    That’s because, as this music rings in his ears-
    He unexpectedly feels a power within his body, so tremendous that he himself couldn’t grasp it – just a faint echo.
    But how is this possible?
    While he’s bewildered, the sound of the zither becomes louder and louder, and soon after – it gradually dwindles and fades away.
    Sitting cross-legged, Muyan slowly opens her eyes.
    Her expression and appearance hasn’t changed. Even that powerful Internal Force from her whole body converges completely.
    But as those rippling, exquisite peach blossom eyes open, they have a frightening brightness.
    Like the most magnificent of gems that were originally covered by a thin layer of dust.
    But now that the dust has been washed off, a resplendent brilliance is revealed as a result.
    Di Ming Jue has a scarily burning gaze as he looks at Muyan.
    His girl is so alluring, a radiance of ten thousand fathoms.
    Now, she’s become even more captivating.
    Di Ming Jue wishes he could hide her away. Only he can behold, only he can touch.
    Muyan takes a deep breath, and stands up from the ground. There’s a light smile on her face.
    The bottleneck that had shackled her for so long is finally broken.
    Her current cultivation has already reached high-level Precelestial.
    One can say that in the entire Yanwu Continent, it would be rare to find a worthy match for her.
    All of this is thanks to Di Ming Jue.
    Forcing her to stay here and plant the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower – it has been all for her.
    Handing over the Spirit Flowers for Shi Lanling to refine, has also been for her.
    Muyan raises her head to look at the man’s countenance, so handsome that it’s dazzling. She quietly says: “Di Ming Jue, thank you!”
    Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me.
    How can I, Jun Muyan, let you devote so much for me?
    Di Ming Jue steps forward and embraces Muyan by her waist. He leans down and slowly says: “Are you quite moved by what Ben Jun has done for you?”
    Without waiting for Muyan’s response, he continues: “If that’s the case, then give your heart to me.”
    Muyan: “…”
    Hehe, what ‘moved’ feelings she had, it all flies up in the clouds!
    “Miss, are we leaving just like this? Let that woman seduce Di Jun?”
    Within the Di Yuan, Rui Zhu had been suppressed by Di Ming Jue’s powerful Qi field, which rendered her completely unable to speak or move.
    Coming out of the Residence, she can’t help but be jealous and upset.
    Just what is that Jun Muyan supposed to be – isn’t she just a newly emerging third-rate doctor?
    What about her could compare to Rui Zhu’s lady?
    If the one favored by Di Jun’s had been her Miss, then she can naturally follow by her lady’s side, and look at that man’s god-like appearance every day.
    Thinking of this, Rui Zhu’s cheeks become a little red, and her eyes also reveal an ambiguous look.
    Shi Lanling sends her a cold glance, about to shout abuse.
    Suddenly, there’s a flash of white.
    Rui Zhu and Shi Lanling shriek at the same time.
    Shi Lanling feels a sharp pain on her left cheek, and a heavy force hits her shoulder.
    She stumbles for a few steps, and steadies her footing with some difficulty. Her hand goes to feel her face.
    “Aaah–!!” a scream comes out from Shi Lanling’s mouth. Looking at the blood on her hand, her expression is alarmed and angry, “My face! My face! Who was it!”

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