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Chapter 357: Acting like a rogue
    She watches as Di Ming Jue places the Pill in his mouth, and after just a few breaths-
    He suddenly grabs Muyan by the waist, and he brings her into his arms.  Then he kisses those petal-soft lips.
    There’s minute changes on Muyan’s expression, and she’s about to struggle.
    What is this man up to? Playing rogue in front of so many people?
    But the next moment, she feels a cool breath pouring into her body through their connected lips and tongues.
    Shi Lanling goes stiff from head to toe, staring stock-still at the scene before her eyes.
    She is not an idiot who couldn’t feel what’s going on. This isn’t an ordinary kiss.
    This is Di Ming Jue using himself to draw out the impurities within the Pill’s potency. Then after cleaning it, he passes the purest medicinal power to Muyan.
    One can say that the Nine-Holed Golden Dan is a precious Pill that’s difficult to find in the world.
    But even if you can refine it, the Pill still has some flaws.
    And yet, Di Ming Jue spent countless amounts of manpower and resources for Muyan, as well as cultivated the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower and the other auxiliary herbs.
    Even putting forward a high price to ask her to refine a Nine-Holed Golden Dan.
    Now, he’s still drawing out the Pill’s impurities while disregarding possible harms to himself.
    Just to… just to let Jun Muyan genuinely absorb the medicinal power of the Nine-Holed Golden Dan?!
    Why is this man taking the trouble and spending such a great deal of effort, even coming to this point – all for an insignificant, lowly slave girl?!
    Why is Di Ming Jue not directing this inclination towards her?
    How is Jun Muyan better than her?!
    At the side, Han Ye takes a look at Shi Lanling’s unsightly complexion, and his mood is extremely good.
    Anyway, his face is still all smiles: “Shi Xianzi, you see, our Jun Shang and the future madam have such a loving affection, as to act as though there were nobody else present. But an outsider like you looking from the side is not proper anyhow. Shi Xianzi, please!”
    This is the third time that Han Ye is making her leave.
    And this time, Shi Lanling and Rui Zhu no longer have any reason to stay.
    Even Shi Lanling couldn’t wait for another minute.
    The scene that happened before her eyes is making her so embarrassed, she wishes she could find a hole to burrow into.
    Under Han Ye’s directions, she leaves Di Yuan like a walking corpse.
    How bashful and how expectant she was when she arrived-
    that’s how indignant and jealous she is as she leaves.
    Then, this jealousy slowly transforms into a deep-rooted grudge.
    If it wasn’t for Jun Muyan, Di Jun would’ve surely taken notice of her.
    If it wasn’t for Jun Muyan, she wouldn’t have received such a great humiliation today.
    Isn’t she just a very minor, third-rate doctor?
    Actually making vain attempts to fight against Shi Lanling, that’s simply a pipe dream.
    Shi Lanling’s lucid and elegant face slowly twist into a sinister and vicious expression.
    But it’s only for an instant, before it all disperses and changes back into a prideful look once again.
    On another hand, Han Ye is very conscientiously clearing up all the people on the scene.
    The Nine-Holed Golden Dan’s potency is purified little by little, and goes into Muyan bit by bit.
    After about a quarter of an hour, the medicinal power has been completely passed into Muyan.
    Muyan feels that her own Dantian is rolling with a melting heat.
    She puts her hands out, wanting to move away from Di Ming Jue.
    Who knew that the man would hold her even tighter and kiss her even deeper.
    It’s only when the skin on Muyan’s entire body begins to burn, that Di Ming Jue reluctantly releases the red and swollen little mouth that he’s kissing.
    Muyan fiercely glares at this shameless man.
    Even when giving her medicine, this scoundrel still seizes the opportunity to take advantage of her.
    But Muyan doesn’t know that her cheeks are flushed red, and her eyes seem to have a touch of flirtatiousness as she glares at the other. Not only is it without any lethality, it’s indescribably alluring instead.
    Di Ming Jue’s eyes are dark, but in the end, he still suppresses the impulse to arrest the other into his embrace once more.

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