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Chapter 355: Mistress
    The man narrows his eyes, leans a little closer to Muyan, and drawls: “You’re actually not picky on whatever inferior, unclean, and unsuitable thing it is – and dare to put it in your mouth?”
    A pause, and he coldly adds another sentence, “Could it be that the food Ben Jun had personally prepared still couldn’t compare to these?”
    As he says this last bit, it can be said that the man is speaking through gritted teeth.
    Muyan can only have a clueless face.
    Wait, wait!
    Since when did Yanwu Continent’s priceless medicinal food become something that’s ‘inferior, unclean, and unsuitable’?
    And Jun Shang-daren, what about you isn’t good enough compared to other people? Are you comparing against a woman’s culinary skills?
    What about your honor?
    But the unhappy Jun Shang doesn’t have any of that honor-thing.
    He barely waits for Muyan’s reaction, and just directly waves a hand. He has people take out the medicinal food that Shi Lanling brought, handing them down to the servants at the outer courtyard of Di Yuan.
    As for himself, he unrelentingly takes Muyan to sit down by the dining table, and carries on with his daily task of feeding her.
    And probably because Di Ming Jue has been routinely feeding her these past few days-
    Muyan eats the exquisite breakfast, completely without any awkwardness.
    So much so that in her heart, faintly, there’s a sweet sense of happiness that she herself doesn’t realize.
    As for where this kind of sweet joy has come from, Muyan doesn’t dare to examine it deeper.
    But Shi Lanling, who has been struck again and again, could no longer control the ashamed and resentful feeling rising up in her heart.
    The whole person can’t help but tremble.
    All her life, she has never… had never received such humiliation!
    Who is this woman?
    Why had she snatched Shi Lanling’s spotlight, and stolen her man?
    Just and insignificant servant, why?!!
    “Shi Xianzi, please go back! Di Yuan doesn’t entertain outsiders.” Han Ye is neither amiable nor gentle as he repeats the notice to leave.
    There’s already a trace of impatience in his voice.
    He just saw this woman push Little Shadow aside.
    Humph, what a show! Not even worthy of carrying Miss Jun’s shoes.
    And she still has the nerve to have ideas about their Jun Shang, just save your face!
    “Who is she?” She Lanling doesn’t move, but she forces down the hatred that’s violently surging up in her heart, and prattles, “Just who is this woman? Isn’t she a servant of Di Yuan? How could a mere servant…”
    “Servant?” Han Ye hisses, interrupting Shi Lanling’s words. His eyes are filled with ridicule, “I’m afraid Shi Xianzi has gotten it wrong.”
    “Not only is Miss Jun not a servant, but she’s the most distinguished guest of our Di Yuan, it’s future Mistress on top of that. Anyone who dares to insult Miss Jun is insulting Di Yuan, and is insulting Jun Shang. Before opening one’s mouth, it’s best that Shi Xianzi clearly think about it – in the end, what should be said and what should not be said!”
    “Mistress–?!!” Shi Lanling suddenly raises her voice into a sharp screech.
    But she immediately realizes her loss of self-control, and she forcefully calms herself down, “Miss Jun, which Miss Jun? How come I’ve never heard of…”
    Suddenly, Shi Lanling’s voice stops, and her pupils slightly contract.
    “Don’t tell me, that she’s the one who’s currently under the limelight in Tianyuan City, the Enchantress Jun Muyan?!”
    That legendary musician who has appearance that can ruin and overturn the state, the one who can revive dead flesh and bones, and can forcibly retrieve a human life from the underworld’s grasp?!
    Han Ye promptly lifts his chin, his face all but saying ‘therefore you must feel honored’, “Correct.”
    Even though he knows that Miss Jun isn’t simple-
    But he didn’t expect that in just a few months, not only did Miss Jun cause a sensation in Xia’an, she’s now come to Tianyuan City and directly prodded through it still.
    Hehe, isn’t that truly worthy of being the woman that Jun Shang has fallen for?

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