EMHS – ch354

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Chapter 354: Not allowed to eat
    Her upturned nose is slightly puckered, her normally sparkling eyes are watery. Indeed, she looks indescribably pitiful.
    Di Ming Jue’s chest heats up, and he really wants to knead her in his arms, and fuss over her.
    His hand clumsily and awkwardly tap the tip of her red nose, rubbing it a little, “Why so careless?”
    Muyan’s nose is all scrunched up in anger!
    This scoundrel, he’s clearly the one who pulled her, making her bump into him.
    Now he’s still blaming her for being careless?
    But without waiting for her to retort, Di Ming Jue is already tugging her firmly towards the dining table.
    His voice is as cold as before, and his expression is still without any significant change – but his countenance has a trace of tenderness that could melt people.
    “Don’t you know what time it is already? You still haven’t had breakfast when the sun has already reached the third bamboo pole*, do you want to starve to death?
  • Late in the morning, 7-9am or 9-11am. It’s not specific, because the important point is that someone woke up late, or was tardy in something
    Muyan raises her head and looks at the sky.
    Jun Shang’s ability of speaking blindly when his eyes are open is getting stronger and stronger.
    It’s definitely not past chen-shi(7-9am) yet, how has the sun reached the third pole?
    Muyan strokes her nose, and wears a smile that isn’t a smile as she sweeps a glance over Shi Lanling, “Aren’t you afraid that this would bother your rendezvous with the beauty?”
    At the side, it’s as if Shi Lanling is looking at a ghost as she unblinkingly stares at Muyan and Di Ming Jue.
    Isn’t this woman a servant? Isn’t she a slave?
    Why is it, that the Di Jun who is so callous towards her is so different towards this woman?
    She looks at Muyan’s little hand that is grasped tightly within Di Ming Jue’s palm.
    Shi Lanling could no longer maintain the calmness and unworldly refinement within her eyes.
    Her intense resentment is so close to becoming a burning jealousy, and surge out from her eyes.
    She can’t even come within a meter of Di Ming Jue.
    But this woman, this inferior and lowly woman could unexpectedly get that close to Di Jun.
    She… for what reason?
    Rui Zhu is equally dumbfounded.
    She had just half-completed her words to laud her Miss, and is now at a loss of what to do. She doesn’t know whether or not she should continue.
    “Jun Shang, this medicinal cuisine is really… really priceless, people who seek it couldn’t have it, but Miss has has been busy all night in order to personally cook these for you…”
    Once these words are out, it immediately pulls Di Ming Jue and Muyan’s attention.
    That’s because the medicinal cuisine made by Shi Lanling is really too aromatic, and seriously very well-known.
    In Muyan’s past life, she’s heard about the preciousness and rarity of Shi Xianzi’s medicinal food.
    Back then, even Gong Qianxue had an extremely high regard for it, yet she never had the chance to taste it.
     She can’t help but smell it in, stretching her neck to take a peep inside the food box.
    But she has barely extended her head out when a large palm detains her chin.
    Her attention is forcibly drawn back to the man.
    “You really want to eat it?” the man’s deep and cold voice very slowly asks.
    Muyan nods without any hesitation.
    Shi Lanling and Rui Zhu look like they had just started to relax, when they suddenly go stiff once again.
    The corners of Di Ming Jue’s mouth rise into a shallow curve.
    His appearance is extremely magnificent, suffocatingly handsome.
    Right now, as he’s smiling like this, he becomes even more resplendent like a blazing sun, dazzling like a firework. He could steal people’s souls.
    However, Muyan’s distraction only lasts for a moment.
    As she hears the man use a cold and decisive voice to say: “You’re not allowed to eat it!”
    Shi Lanling’s originally stiff expression immediately turns into delight, her eyes joyful as they turn to look at Di Ming Jue.
    As expected, Di Jun also has feelings for her.
    He really wouldn’t let a lowly slave girl sully the medicinal cuisine that she had made with her own hands.
    Today is destined to be the day that Shi Lanling’s face would ring from slaps.
    Di Ming Jue’s next sentence directly pushes the elated Shi Lanling right into the dust.

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