EMHS – ch353

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Chapter 353: Please stand a little farther
    Shi Lanling’s face immediately goes stiff, and it’s with great difficulty that she maintains some of that aggrieved look. Nevertheless, she has a proud and stubborn expression as she looks at Di Ming Jue.
    She intends to wait for him to say something.
    However, Di Ming Jue isn’t even looking at her. His gaze is firmly set on somewhere not far from the door. The expression on his face is getting more and more gloomy.
    Han Ye is impatient: “Shi Xianzi, didn’t you say that you’ve come to deliver the Pill? Now that you’re finally here, why do you refuse to take it out? It can’t be that you simply failed to refine a Nine-Holed Golden Dan, right?”
    Shi Lanling grits her teeth. In her heart, her hatred for this Guard Han Ye has practically reached an extreme point.
    A mere servant actually dares to treat her this way.
    But Han Ye’s words are all directed to this point, and Shi Lanling can only take out the small brocade box from her chest pocket.
    She deliberately keeps away from Han Ye, heading towards Di Ming Jue one step at a time.
    With each step closer, her face becomes even more bashful and expectant.
    As long as she could be a little closer to this man, a little closer still; and with her own hands, give him the Nine-Holed Golden Dan that she herself refined-
    He would inevitably sit up and take notice of her.
    But just as Shi Lanling is about a meter away from Di Ming Jue,
    She suddenly feels a gust of wind rush by her side.
    Immediately after that, the small box in her hands disappears.
    Han Ye holds the brocade box, and he respectfully hands it over to Di Ming Jue. Then, he turns to look at Shi Lanling with a bit of ridicule, “Apologies to Shi Xianzi, our Jun Shang doesn’t like outsiders getting close – please stand a little farther, so as not to displease our Jun Shang.”
    Shi Lanling’s complexion is so stiff, simply like it’s going to start twisting.
    Han Ye’s words could still be regarded as civil, but that expression and attitude-
    It clearly says ‘You shouldn’t come near Jun Shang, lest you make him sick’.
    She, Shi Lanling, one of the precious two alchemists in the Yanwu Continent… when and where has she ever suffered this kind of humiliation?
    Di Ming Jue takes the box and opens it to have a look, making sure if the Pill inside has the effect that he wants. His expression eases a little.
    Han Ye is immediately all smiles: “Shi Xianzi, since the Pill has been delivered, you may leave.”
    This time, Shi Lanling’s face really twists.
    But very quickly, she calms down.
    That’s because Di Ming Jue still hasn’t said anything during the whole ordeal.
    In Shi Lanling’s mind, all these coldness and disrespect towards her – everything is merely attributed to Han Ye acting on his own.
    Therefore, she quickly takes the food box from Rui Zhu’s hands, and hangs a tender and virtuous smile on her face: “Di Jun, this is the medicinal cuisine that I have personally made for you. The medicinal herbs that I’ve added in it are all very precious. Still, I hope Di Jun wouldn’t despise it.”
    Saying that, she opens the food box.
    The aroma of the food finally fills the air.
    Thanks to the addition of those special herbs, the fragrance of these food is actually more alluring than the breakfast that Di Ming Jue has prepared with his own hands.
    Muyan, who’s been leisurely watching a good show just a moment ago, couldn’t help but breath it in with her nose, and she turns towards that food box.
    Looking like she wants to eat it!
    Those changes in Muyan’s expression are minuscule, but Di Ming Jue is just more familiar with them than she herself is.
    Seeing her look like that, his face immediately becomes dark and scary.
    Unfortunately, Rui Zhu still goes on to endorse in a low voice, “Jun Shang, you might not know it but our Miss’ medicinal cuisine is famous in the entire Yanwu Continent. Oh how many people want to ask for a meal, all offering hundreds of thousands of gold, but my lady never agreed…”
    However, Rui Zhu couldn’t finish what she’s saying.
    Di Ming Jue finally reaches the end of his patience, striding to arrive in front of Muyan.
    He takes hold of the girl’s slender wrist, and pulls her into his arms, “Until when do you plan to stay there?”
    Muyan is caught off guard, and her nose bumps against the man’s solid chest. The pain makes her groan.

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  1. I cannot wait to see what happens next. What words will come out of both Rui Zhu and Shi Lanling’s mouth seeing Di Ming Jue’s action towards Muyan?

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