EMHS – ch352

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Chapter 352: Subordinate has been wronged
    While that’s happening, Han Ye also spots Ying Mei’s tall and slender figure. His heart involuntarily beats faster.
    But just as he’s about to open his mouth and call out, he sees Muyan and Ying Mei get pushed to the side.
    Because this movement was too unexpected, Ying Mei stumbles.
    On the other hand, Muyan unhurriedly moves away, like she’s been expecting it.
    The corners of her mouth carries a smile like one who’s watching a play, watching as Rui Zhu escorts Shi Lanling to come before Di Ming Jue.
    “Xiaonu* Shi Lanling sees Di Jun.”
  • Little girl; daughter; older people call girls Xiaonu out of fondness (usually). This time, it’s used to address oneself.
    The soft and crisp sound of Shi Lanling’s voice is followed by her curtsy*, with her skirt fluttering up.
    She raises her small face – lucid, elegant, and refined. She has just the perfect blush, similar to a peach blossom.
     Truly more delicate than a flower, endlessly lovable.
    Han Ye cringes and shivers, goosebumps almost overflowing to the floor.
    This Shi Lanling, can’t she speak properly?
    She’s sarcastic to him, but coy and childish towards Jun Shang. Just listening to it is almost making him barf.
    Hearing her speak, Di Ming Jue retrieves his gaze from Muyan, and it falls on the belle in front of him, “Shi Lanling?”
    Be it the look on his eyes or the sound of his voice, they’re all so cold it could freeze people.
    But because the handsome man is almost within reach, and her heart is beating wildly, Shi Lanling simply doesn’t notice anything wrong.
    Her smiles becomes even more tenderly affectionate and bashful, her voice getting sweeter and softer, “It is Xiaonu. Xiaonu has specially come over today to deliver the Nine-Holed Golden Dan to Di Jun.”
    As she’s saying this, Shi Lanling is waiting for Di Ming Jue to ask “You actually refined the Nine-Holed Golden Dan?” in a stunned manner.
    Who knew that Di Ming Jue wouldn’t even spare Shi Lanling a glance, opting to coldly glare at Han Ye instead.
    With Di Ming Jue’s harsh and ice-cold gaze sweeping over him, Han Ye’s legs go soft, he almost falls down to kneel.
    Soon after, he hears an order so cold, it’s like that of a demon in hell, “Receive punishment in the Purgatory Pool for five days!”
    Han Ye immediately feels his eyes go dark.
    Purgatory Pool, but going to that place would make him shed a layer of skin.
    Even though the Purgatory Pool in the Yanwu Continent’s Ghost City only has one-tenth the strength of the one in the Polar Domain-
    But it’s very, very awful!
    “Jun Shang, subordinate has been wronged!” Han Ye can’t help howl in grief, “Subordinate has told her clearly, that after the Pills has been refined, this subordinate will personally pick it up.”
    Di Ming Jue’s voice has a disinterested tone, but his expression gets even colder, “Ten days!”
    Han Ye trembles, not daring to quibble any more. He bows and says with grief, “Subordinate accepts the order!”
    Wuu, wuu. Since Jun Shang met Miss Muyan, he’s become more and more human.
    So much so that he almost forgot how savage Jun Shang used to be, how set he is in his words.
    Shi Lanling naturally hears the dialog between the two.
    Of course, she doesn’t have a good opinion of Han Ye, this guard with eyes higher than the top of his head*.
  • prideful, arrogant
    So what if he is Di Jun’s trusted aide? Isn’t he still a servant? Yet he speaks rudely to her, bossy and arrogant in giving orders.
    Still, she wants to paint a favorable impression in front of Di Ming Jue.
    Hence, she promptly steps forward, her appearance eager yet guilty – eyes filling with water as she looks at Di Ming Jue, “Di Jun, please quell your anger. Xiaonu turned up uninvited because of the urgency of giving the Pill to Jun Shang. Because Xiaonu knows that this Nine-Holed Golden Dan is very important to you, Di Jun.”
    “If Di Jun wants to blame someone, please blame Xiaonu, this matter has nothing to do with Han Ye…”
    Who would’ve expected, when Shi Lanling has yet to finish saying her pleas for leniency-
    Di Ming Jue doesn’t respond, but Han Ye impatiently interrupts her.
    “Shi Xianzi, that Pill?”
    Shi Lanling’s face immediately goes stiff, and it’s with great difficulty that she maintains her some of her aggrieved look. Nevertheless, she has a proud and stubborn expression as she looks at Di Ming Jue.
  • women’s greeting, slightly bent knees, both hand hovering above one side of her waist. Some pull their skirts up(usually seen on modern renditions), most don’t; different movements from the British curtsy, but so similar in the principle “it’s women’s equivalent of the ‘greeting bow’”.

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  1. thank you for the update.

    I knew it that this Shi Lanling is a two faced person. I bet she chooses Di Ming Jue because of his looks and power. If he had neither, she wouldn’t have him in her sight. So fake.


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