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Chapter 351: Certainly be… very happy
    Hearing Rui Zhu say ‘special guest from the Ghost City’,
    Muyan lifts the her eyelids and looks at the other. She wears a smile that isn’t a smile, “Special guest? Are you Shi Lanling?”
    Shi Lanling proudly nods. Just as she’s about to say something,
    She suddenly gets a look at Muyan’s face, and her heart thumps.
    The appearance of this “maid” in front of her is really too remarkable.
    Although Shi Lanling is not willing to admit it-
    But this lowly servant is even more beautiful than her.
    How can she accept this?
    Unexpectedly, Rui Zhu is the one that reacts first. She raises her chin and arrogantly says: “So you know who my lady is? Still not hurrying up to lead the way? If you delay the meeting between my Miss and Jun Shang, I’m afraid that you slaves wouldn’t be able to take the consequences upon yourselves!”
    Ying Mei has a sinking expression. She’s at the end of her patience and is about to move her hand.
    She can endure this so-called Shi Xianzi humiliating her.
    But she can’t endure Miss Jun receiving humiliation.
    However, Muyan prevents Ying Mei’s actions.
    “You want to meet Jun Shang?” soft pink lips rise into an attractive arc, “Since it’s Shi Xianzi’s orders, we will naturally comply.”
    A pause, and her smile becomes more and more meaningful, “I believe that Jun Shang will certainly be… very happy to see you.”
    Astonished, Ying Mei turns to look at Muyan, her expression anxious.
    She opens her mouth, like she wants to say something.
    But Rui Zhu is already holding on to Shi Lanling, smugness and pride all over her face, “Turns out you still know your place. What are you still dawdling for, why don’t you hurry up and lead the way?”
    Muyan has a faint smile as she turns, proceeding to the direction of the dining hall.
    Ying Mei frowns, and quickly keeps pace.
    Shi Lanling glances at Muyan’s back, and a sliver of a mocking smile appears at the depths of her clear cold eyes.
    So what if she looks more beautiful? In the end, a slave is just a slave.
    After hearing Shi Lanling’s name, didn’t she still submit and yield?
    This also goes to show that Di Jun is partial to her all along. Otherwise, why would the servants of Di Yuan become so respectful, fawning to her as soon as they hear her name?
    Thinking of this, a bashful and expectant smile appears on Shi Lanling’s face.
    The party quickly arrives in a small courtyard.
    This is also the place where Di Ming Jue personally cooks for Muyan.
    Through the open doors of the small courtyard, Shi Lanling finally catches a glimpse of the man’s tall and straight silhouette.
    Even if there’s quite a distance between them, she can still feel the lofty momentum coming out from the man’s body.
    Shi Lanling’s heartbeat quickens.
    Redness dyes her cheeks, and her normally clear and indifferent eyes are now filling up with a fervent obsession.
    Rui Zhu sees the look on her Miss, and she immediately steps forward, shoving Muyan and Ying Mei aside.
    She directly pulls Shi Lanling past the two, heading straight towards Di Ming Jue.
    In the small dining hall, Di Ming Jue watches the food on the table slowly getting cold, his expression gloomy and frightening.
    At the side, Han Ye is trembling with fear, wishing he could just run away and disappear.
    Unfortunately, he wouldn’t dare!
    What’s Little Shadow doing?
    He’s just supposed to invite Miss Jun, how come they’re still not here yet?
    Don’t they know that in order to prepare this meal, Jun Shang has been up and busy as early as mao-shi(5-7 in the morning)?
    Merely because, Miss Jun would only show a genuinely happy smile whenever she eats fine food.
    Suddenly, Han Ye finally sees some figures outside, and his eyes turn bright, “Jun Shang, it’s Miss Jun, Miss Jun is here!”
    Hearing that, Di Ming Jue’s expression doesn’t change.
    But his eyes shine in surprise, and he slowly turns to look at the direction of the entrance.

3 thoughts on “EMHS – ch351

  1. I cannot wait for Di Ming Jue to meet Shi Lanling. I want to see both of them open their mouth and say stupid things about Muyan and get face slapped by him. Let’s see how big a pot of vinegar can they brew.

    I want to see Di Ming Jue suffer as he has to explain to Muyan about Shi Lanling and him have nothing going on. Especially he so proudly tries to suppress her.


  2. I want to see Di Ming Jue witness how that maid pushed Muyan. I’ll bet he’ll have her punished even worse than that first maid. I also want to see Di Ming Jue give Muyan that pill he had that woman refine. What a face slap that would be! 🤩

    Thanks for the chapter 💖


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