EMHS – ch349

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Chapter 349: No eyes to see
    In the entire Yanwu Continent, there are only two people than can do alchemy.
    In the Ghost City, this alchemist is naturally a supreme existence that’s treated like a treasure.
    It could be said that among the higher-ups of the Ghost City, Shi Lanling is known to everybody, familiar to everyone.
    The guards inside the Di Yuan are all Di Ming Jue’s trusted aides.
    But the ones stationed outside are temporarily assigned personnel from the Ghost City.
    So after Rui Zhu’s shouting and cursing, the guards immediately recognize Shi Lanling’s identity.
    Rui Zhu sees the change in their attitudes, and her face shows a smug expression.
    “What are you still stalling for? Since you recognize my lady’s identity, why don’t you hurry up and step aside?”
    “You people can’t afford to delay my lady’s business!”
    The guard is somewhat hesitant, “But Jun Shang…”
    Rui Zhu still wants to get angry but Shi Lanling steps up. Using a gentle but reserved voice: “You men don’t need to be so nervous. I’ve come over this time to specially deliver a Pill to Di Jun. If you’re still skeptical, you could go in and report to him.”
    The guards aren’t given any time to respond.
    Rui Zhu is already scowling and shouting abuse: “Don’t you have eyes to see, don’t you know just what is this Pill in my lady’s hand?”
   “This is the Nine-Holed Golden Dan, unique and unmatched within the Yanwu Continent. My Miss had just successfully refined it. It’s because of the knowledge that Di Jun is in urgent need of this Pill that we’ve specially come over to present it to him.”
    “If Di Jun’s affairs get delayed because of you, for making this Golden Dan arrive late, I’ll see how you people could face Di Jun’s fury!”
    Rui Zhu’s words make the hesitant guards more fearful and careful.
    And on top of that, because of whispers from the maids inside the courtyard, a lot of people know that Di Ming Jue had specially invited Shi Xianzi to come over from the Ghost City.
    Just recently, he had even come up with the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers and sent them to Shi Xianzi to concoct a Pill.
    The maids in the Di Yuan, as well as the guards stationed outside the perimeter, almost everyone believes that Di Jun has a special regard for Shi Xianzi.
    If they wouldn’t let her in right now, and provoke Di Jun’s ire… that would be a consequence that they can’t afford to take upon themselves.
    Thinking of this, the guard bites his teeth and steps aside with a bow, saying: “Shi Xianzi, please come in. I believe that Jun Shang would definitely be very happy to see you.”
    Early morning in the courtyard, Muyan wears a simple yet elegant water-blue short coat and skirt, not wearing any makeup. She lazily walks out of her room.
    “Miss Jun!” Ying Mei sees her and immediately steps forward, “Jun Shang invites you to join him for breakfast.”
    Muyan narrows her eyes, and very slowly says: “If I remember correctly, Di Ming Jue promised me that he would let me go back today.”
    “cough…” Ying Mei blushes in shame as she says, “Jun Shang said that he’d let you see the Little Gongzi this afternoon. Still requesting you to a meal for the time being, Jun Shang has already been waiting for a long time.”
    It’s still going to be half a day before she could go back and see her baby!
    Muyan twitches her mouth in displeasure, her mood incredibly unwell.
    Not only because that scoundrel is going back on his word, delaying her from seeing Xiao Bao-
    It’s also because of the fat rabbit, that had originally been lying around in the space, suddenly scuttled out. It didn’t wait for her to react, and just disappeared without a trace.
    Although now, she no longer plans to stir-fry rabbit meat, it could be said that it’s somewhat of a Spirit Pet to Xiao Bao.
    If she loses it for no good reason, she doesn’t know if Xiao Bao would feel sad.
    As she’s fidgeting, a loud voice suddenly makes a racket behind them.
    “Hey! The two people at the front, wait!”
    “Didn’t you hear me, I’m calling you two!”
    Neither Muyan nor Ying Mei had ever been people inclined to meddle in others people’s business.
    Hearing the shouting, they don’t pay it any mind, neither of them even so much as turning around to look.

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