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Chapter 346: Irresistible
    Her wrist is detained by this man, and she actually can’t struggle free at all.
    Han Ye has a somewhat absent-minded expression, and his fingers subconsciously give a light rub on Ying Mei’s wrist.
    He only thinks that the skin on this fine slender wrist is astonishingly, satiny soft.
    How can a man’s skin be this white, this soft?
    Furthermore, there’s that sensation when Ying Mei bumped against his hand just a moment ago…
    “Han Ye, if you won’t unhand me, I’ll be impolite!” Ying Mei flies into a rage from humiliation, angrily shouting. She sends a strike towards Han Ye.
    Han Ye abruptly comes back to himself, but it’s already too late to dodge.
    His left eye immediately receives a solid punch.
    “Ow–!” He produces a miserable scream, falling a few steps backwards.
    He covers his eyeball with a hand, plaintively saying: “Little Shadow, you look prettier than a girl, but how can your temperament be so savage!”
    Ying Mei hides the hand that Han Ye held, putting it behind her as it somewhat burns.
    Coldly: “If you compare me to a girl again in the future, I’ll make you turn into a real girl.”
    Saying that, her line of sight briefly sweeps past the lower half of Han Ye’s body.
    Han Ye immediately feels his balls tense, his face going white from fear.
    “It, it’s just a joke. Little Shadow, you don’t have to be so serious.”
    “But you look really good wearing that… did Miss Jun change you into it?”
    “Miss Jun is really talented, what did she put in your chest? How can it feel so real?”
    As he says that, Han Ye is very curious so he reaches out to grope Ying Mei’s chest.
    Ying Mei ruthlessly slaps Han Ye’s perverted hand away.
    An unsheathed sword appears on her hand, and with an unrestrained aura of death, “You don’t want this hand anymore?”
    Done saying that, she doesn’t bother with him any longer, as her form brushes over and she leaves in a hurry.
    She can’t go on with this get-up for another moment.
    Especially in front of Han Ye.
    Ying Mei’s figure quickly disappears, leaving Han Ye by himself as he stays on his spot, wearing a foolish expression.
    His hands clench and loosen, it’s as if his fingertips and arm could still feel the lingering tactile sensation from just now.
    Satiny, soft.
    Han Ye covers his chest, a panicked expression on his face.
    He, what happened to him?
    He knows perfectly well that it’s Little Shadow, fully aware that Little Shadow is a man.
    But why is it that when he thinks of Little Shadow’s face, he feels as if there’s a fire burning in his body?
    There’s some kind of a strange tide of emotion that surges up violently from within him.
    He can’t hold it back.
    Lanling Residence, in the alchemy room.
    Shi Lanling is sitting in front of the Dan furnace by herself.
    There’s a dim purple glow around the furnace, and one could faintly see a rising fire inside it.
    If anyone were to see this Dan furnace, they would surely cry out in surprise.
    That’s because this purple-gold furnace is one of the most precious of it’s kind in the Yanwu Continent.
    The only one that could match is value is probably the black-gold Panlong furnace that belongs to the Heavenly Road Sect’s alchemy master, Jian Feng.
    Shi Lanling’s Internal Force is rapidly surging, driving the flames inside the Purple Gold furnace to jump.
    The fire burns even brighter.
    The entire room fills up with the cool fragrance that belongs to the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower.
    There’s also three silver-white Pills within the Dan Furnace that are in the slow process of forming.
    Shi Lanling’s forehead is covered in fine sweat, her complexion is deathly pale.
    But watching these three Pills slowly solidify and turn into Nine-Holed Golden Dans, there’s pride and excitement from the bottom of her heart.
    According to the ancient records, the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower is rare, and it’s difficult to refine it into a Nine-Holed Golden Dan.
    But what is it to Shi Lanling’s eyes, isn’t she still capable of refining three at once?
    However, just as Shi Lanling is feeling proud of herself-
    The Purple Gold furnace suddenly begins to shudder violently.

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  2. Stupid biťch ruined it all be trying to show off. Here’s the difference between mc and fl, one is more focused on cultivating and whatnot than the other. After all a certain someone should know she can absorb spiritual energy by now. Well either way looking forward to these two hehe


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