EMHS – ch345

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Chapter 345: Actually wearing women’s clothes
    Her figure isn’t petite like other women’s, she’s tall and slender instead.
    But those perfectly straight legs, the generous contours of her undulating chest – they fill her up with an alluring glamour.
    Han Ye can’t help but gape, unable to say a word with his dry mouth and tongue.
    But unexpectedly, this beautiful woman takes one look at him, and she immediately shows an expression of familiarity and anxiousness, “Han Ye, Miss Jun is gone!”
    Han Ye? This… this beauty called him Han Ye?
    And why does her voice sound so familiar?
    Clear, cold, and with a touch of youthfulness.
    Wait, wait! Why does this beauty’s face look so familiar?
    “Y-y-you! You’re… Little Shadow?!”
    Hearing something wrong with Han Ye’s tone,
    Ying Mei stares blankly, then she bows her head to look at her own body.
    The first thing that enters her eyes is the curves of her heaving chest, then the short coat and skirt that’s meant for women.
    There’s also her gently fluttering, wind-borne long hair that’s draped over her shoulders and scattered behind her.
    Ying Mei snaps her eyes wide open.
    She… she’s actually wearing women’s clothing!
    Not only that, she’s also seen by Han Ye!!
    How could she be in women’s clothes?
    Right, Miss Jun!
    When Miss Jun left, she switched their clothes.
    “Li… Little Shadow, you… it can’t be that you’re a woman?”
    Han Ye stares straight at Ying Mei, gulping down his spit, and gulping again.
    Ying Mei’s disposition has always been cold, and her way of doing things could even be fiercer and more decisive than a man’s.
    Moreover, her every movement doesn’t contain a thread or a hair of femininity.
    So even though Ying Mei looks delicate and beautiful, even more beautiful than a lot of the women in the Polar Domain, Han Ye never suspected that she could be a woman.
    But the girl before his eyes is really too beautiful, too alluring.
    The long hair from her temples is like a dark cloud drifting across her snow-white face.
    Skirt of thin silk flutter about her lithe body.
    There’s truly not even the tiniest bit of a dissonant feeling to say that Ying Mei is a girl.
    Hearing that, Ying Mei is alarmed, and a flustered expression flashes through her eyes, but it disappears just as fast.
    Her complexion is clear and indifferent, a biting cold expression in her eyes. With a lowered voice: “If you say another line of rubbish, don’t blame me for being impolite!”
    As she says that, she releases an ice-cold killing intent.
    Contrary to what one might expect, Han Ye isn’t afraid of Ying Mei’s murderous intent.
    But looking at that frosty and charming face, the other is obviously stirred into real anger.
    He promptly restrains his mood, and laughingly says: “Little Shadow, don’t be angry. I was just joking, that’s all. But your body…”
    Thinking about it, he would also get angry if he’s seen as a woman, definitely.
    Ying Mei knits her brows in annoyance, but anxiousness soon settles on her face, “It was Miss Jun, she switched our clothes when she left. I must go at once and bring her back. Otherwise, Jun Shang would know and there would be trouble.”
    After saying that, she’s about to rush past Han Ye.
    Han Ye quickly reaches out a hand to block her way.
    As a result, one not knowing how the other would move,
    Ying Mei’s chest just happens to bump into Han Ye’s arm.
    The soft sensation comes through, making Han Ye’s entire body go stiff, his eyes open wide into circles.
    “Step aside!!” Ying Mei’s angry, pretty face goes very red, and a palm goes to slap Han Ye.
    “Wait! Wait!” Han Ye repeatedly begs for mercy, and he reaches out to grab Ying Mei’s slim wrist, hurriedly saying, “Miss Jun didn’t leave, she’s with Jun Shang right now! You mustn’t bother them, or else…”
    He would definitely have a very ugly death, like Han Ye.
    “Is that true?”
    “Absolutely!” Han Ye is just short of making an oath with his finger to the skies, “I saw it with my own eyes, how could it still be false?”
    The atmosphere goes quiet for an instant.
    “You… still not letting go!” Ying Mei’s face turns red, and she forcefully tries to struggle free.
    However, she discovers that the normally sloppy Han Ye, the one who lets her bully him as she pleases – he’s suddenly become very strong.

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