EMHS – ch342

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Chapter 342: Marrying into your family is also fine
    Muyan is stumped for words, and a strange sweetness inexplicably wells up in her heart.
    With these words, Di Ming Jue is practically telling her clearly –  that to him, she is different and no one compares to her.
    Wait a second!
    Now isn’t the time to secretly be happy about these subtle and ineffable matters. The most important thing right now, is that she needs to escape from this place and go see her baby.
    Springing up into a leap, Muyan gets out of the hot spring.
    She stands at the edge of the pool and looks at Di Ming Jue’s appearance, which is still somewhat twisted because of the pain from just a moment ago. She can’t help but twitch her lips up in schadenfreude.
    “Jun Shang, just continue taking a nice bath here, I’ll be leaving first.”
    Saying that, her figure flashes towards the exit, as fast as lightning.
    This hot spring is located at the southernmost side of the courtyard, and it has a wooden gate that separates it from the outside world.
    Just as Muyan opens the door, just as she’s about to escape,
    She suddenly feels something tighten around her waist, and her entire person rises up and flies backwards.
    She doesn’t get the time to get a clear look on what’s wrapping around her waist, when she sees the flash of a silvery whip dart before her eyes, and the open wooden gate closes with a bang.
    And from midair, Muyan’s body falls straight down.
    Right below her is the hot spring.
    But as she braces herself to fall into the water, then cut a sorry figure… it doesn’t happen.
    Instead, she is gathered into a scorching embrace.
    The man’s lowered, angry voice rings in her ears, “Where do you think you’re going, dressed like this?”
    Right now, although Muyan has clothes on,
    They’re completely drenched, completely exposing the curves of her body.
    Her hair bun has also come undone because of the commotion just now, and the messy long hair is draped from over her shoulders to her back. It makes the young woman all the more alluring and enchanting, like the most beautiful sprite that emerged from water.
    If such a Muyan leaves this courtyard, and gets seen by the men outside…
    As soon as he thinks of this scenario, Di Ming Jue wishes he could thoroughly gouge out the eyes of those men from his imagination!
    “You hate staying by my side this much?”
    To date, why has he become familiar with how this woman is always trying to escape from his side, by a thousand ways and a hundred plans?
    Muyan feels herself firmly imprisoned within the man’s embrace.
    Through the thin drenched clothes, she can even feel the heat and explosive power coming from the man’s skin.
    She struggles, wanting to break free, but she gets held even closer instead.
    Muyan has no alternative but to put on a bold face and say: “Di Ming Jue, you said that you’d let me go as long as I cultivate the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower. We’re just strangers that have met by chance, you shouldn’t…”
    Di Ming Jue coldly huffs, “Strangers that have met by chance could also bind their lives and death to each other*. You are destined to be Ben Jun’s wife.”
  • Expression: mutual loyalty and devotion of the man and the woman, according to their vows.
    Muyan clenches her teeth, “Who’s your wife? Stop being so shameless, when did I say that I’m going to marry you?”
    “You don’t want to get married?”
    “I don’t!”
    Di Ming Jue has an indifferent expression: “Oh, then Ben Jun marrying into your family is also fine.”
  • Whenever marriage is mentioned about a woman, it’s worded like ‘she will enter into his family’, so there’s a different term if it’s a man entering into the woman’s family.
    Muyan: “…”
    Which deity wants to marry in!
    Di Ming Jue, do you know what you’re talking about?
    Jun Shang-daren, when all is said and done, do you still want to keep your face?!
    Muyan takes in a deep breath, and then another deep breath: “Di Ming Jue, just what do you see in me?”
    “With your eligibility, what sort of woman can’t you have? Why should you get involved with me, someone who had been in a relationship and has a child from it?”
    “Didn’t you send your Spirit Flower to that Shi-something-fairy? Since you’re willing to give even the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower to her, that Shi Lanling’s place in your heart shouldn’t be low. Wouldn’t it be better for you to go find her, and then tie the knot with each other?”
    Hearing Muyan mention her ‘ex-husband’, Di Ming Jue’s heart sinks down to the valley floor.
    The hope and expectations in his eyes completely changes into pain and jealousy.
    But the more he listens, the more the depression between his brows dissipates.
    In the end, the corners of his mouth even curves up into an elusive smile.

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