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Chapter 339: Ben Jun wants to bathe
    She quietly leaves the room.
    As she’s passing by the food on the table, Muyan gulps, but she ultimately restrains herself.
    In order to act more realistically, she didn’t eat breakfast.
    And now she’s really hungry.
    But what is a little hunger when it’s for the purpose of seeing her darling Xiao Bao?
    Today is a rainy day, the entire courtyard is covered in a cloudy gloom.
    Muyan pretends to be Ying Mei and effortlessly walks past the guards.
    As she approaches the gate, she sees a tall figure directly ahead of her.
    Even if he’s tens of meters away, that chilly and powerful momentum just can’t be ignored.
    Muyan’s pupils contract, her heart feeling a sense of foreboding.
    Why is she so unlucky?
    With great difficulty, she was finally able to run away from Ying Mei – but right after that, she actually runs head-on with this guy.
    However, there aren’t any obstructions between the two of them. Now, if she avoids him, or pretends that she doesn’t see him – that’s just trying to hide while making herself more conspicuous.
    Muyan takes a deep breath as Di Ming Jue gradually nears.
    She imitates Ying Mei’s manner in giving a humble bow. She deliberately lowers her voice: “Jun Shang!”
    Di Ming Jue has an indifferent expression: “Muyan?”
    Muyan’s heart tightens, and she tries hard to make her tone sound as cold and composed as Ying Mei’s, “Replying to Jun Shang. Miss Muyan is resting.”
    Di Ming Jue’s slightly wrinkles his brows, a trace of anxiousness flits across his eyes.
    He doesn’t pay any more attention to the ‘Ying Mei’ in front of him, and goes straight to the direction of Muyan’s room.
    The pair brushes past each other, and Muyan lets out a long sigh of relief…
    Then, just as she lets out this breath and goes on to take another step,
    The man that has already passed her by suddenly stops on his tracks. He turns around, “Wait!”
    Muyan’s heart immediately rises up to her throat.
    “Jun Shang, do you have further instructions?”
    She lowers her head, not daring to look up.
    As a result, she doesn’t see the man – who’s a little ways away from her – slightly narrow his eyes. He stares unblinkingly at her, and a gloomy light flashes flickers in his eyes.
    “What did Muyan do today?”
    “Nothing, nothing in particular. Miss Jun has been resting all day.”
    “Oh? Is that so?”
    “Yes.” Muyan grits her teeth, “Jun Shang, if there’s no other instructions, this subordinate will excuse myself first.”
    The other side goes silent, and just when Muyan feels like breaking into a run,
    The man’s deep and low voice drawls, “Ben Jun wants to bathe. Go and arrange it.”
    What ghost–?!!
    Muyan silently curses in her mind, wishing that she could cut the man in front of her into eight pieces.
    Take a bath if you want, but you actually still want someone to serve you?
    Doesn’t this man know that Ying Mei is a woman?
    Making a woman serve him as he takes a bath.
    This shameless rogue! Pervert!
    However, the ridicule is also returned to her. Muyun knows that in Di Ming Jue’s presence, she wouldn’t be able to run away even if she exerts all her strength and gives it all her might.
    Instead of getting exposed and taken back now-
    She might as well follow this man to the hot springs.
    Go take a bath! Want to take off your clothes? Want to take off your trousers?
    The moment Di Ming Jue strips, she’ll break into a run and conveniently take his clothes along with her.
    Don’t tell her that he could still give chase, all the while without a stitch of clothing on him?
    Thinking of this exquisite plan, Muyan’s state of mind considerably steadies.
    Even when Di Ming Jue opens his mouth to make her take his clothes off-
    She could brace herself to do it.
    Hehe, isn’t it just disrobing? It’s not the first time anyway.
    Unfamiliar at first, acquainted the second time, by the third and fourth time, she’s well accustomed…
    Well-accustomed your sister!
    Di Ming Jue, this scoundrel, does he make Ying Mei undress him whenever he takes a bath everyday?
    Simply too shameless!

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