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Chapter 338: Jun Shang will not see outsiders
    Three Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers, she has a very high chance of successfully refining one Nine-Holed Golden Dan.
    Shi Lanling haughtily raises her chin, “Naturally, it won’t be a problem. Di Jun completely doesn’t need to worry about my, Shi Lanling’s skills in alchemy. Wait until I’ve refined the Pill, Lanling will personally deliver it to Di Jun.”
    Other people wouldn’t be able to refine a Nine-Holed Golden Dan, even with three Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers.
    But as it happens, she is going to refine two or three.
    At that time, she would definitely be able to make that man sit up and take notice of her.
    She would let that man know that she is the best.
    Shi Lanling’s hand is on the jade box, her eyes are filled with hope and expectation, yearning and determination.
    So much so, that when Han Ye says: “No need, Jun Shang will not see outsiders” – she doesn’t hear it.
    Just blindly immersing into her own world.
    From the moment that she first laid her eyes on Di Ming Jue, Shi Lanling has allowed her own heart to completely fall for this man.
    That’s because she knows that in the Yanwu Continent, there isn’t another man like him – who is as handsome, powerful, and set up on high!
    Indeed, only such a man is worthy of her, Shi Lanling.
    There’s the sound of the door being opened.
    Ying Mei carefully carries a tray of food as she walks into the room.
    But it’s extremely quiet inside, and the lights are too dim. The usual melodious sound of the zither is absent, there’s no warmth of the candle flame, nor is there the fragrance that refreshes the mind.
    What makes Ying Mei uneasy is that she could smell a faint scent of blood in the air.
    She puts the tray down, then she goes around the screen, and into the room.
    Ying Mei sees a figure on the bed, moving a little. She softly calls out, “Miss Jun, you should eat, you didn’t even have breakfast…”
    Before she could finish what she’s saying, Ying Mei’s complexion changes drastically.
    On the bed not far from her, there’s a girl in bed clothes leaning against the headboard.
    Her face is deathly pale, head slightly hanging down, so weak like she could fall off the bed at any moment.
    What’s more frightening is that – the corner of her pale lips, as well as on her snow-white clothes – they are stained with bright red blood.
    “Miss Jun–!!” Ying Mei is pale from fright as she rushes over and helps Muyan up, uncertain of the latter’s life and death.
    Her fingers knead the other’s slender jade-white wrist, slowly directing her Spiritual Power to enter through the pulse point on that wrist.
    She hasn’t been this scared for a very long time.
    Ying Mei’s hands are ice-cold, her body is faintly trembling.
    Maybe Muyan had an accident…
    However, along with her Spiritual Power rushing out, she feels her eyelids getting heavier, her consciousness going faint.
    Her body can’t help but begin to sway unsteadily from side to side.
    Ying Mei tries her best to open her eyes, but she can’t control her body.
    She suddenly realizes what just happened.
    With some difficulty, she looks up to see the girl that had been on her last breath just a moment ago. Her long eyelashes flutter, there’s a crafty light in her eyes. Her lips curve up, and she reveals an enchanting smile towards Ying Mei.
    The first thought that comes to Ying Mei’s mind: Fortunately, Miss Jun is alright.
    Soon, she could no longer keep herself up, and she directly loses consciousness.
    Looking at the ‘young man’ sleeping in her arms, Muyan guiltily cups her hands in salutation towards the other, “Sorry, Ying Mei, let me borrow your identity first. As soon as I see my baby, I will definitely come back and properly treat your illness, and I’ll take good care of your body.”
    Muyan works very quickly, immediately switching clothes with Ying Mei.
    In the mirror, the black-clothed young man is in the shadows, his features are somewhat indistinct, but the cold and quiet temperament from his whole body is exactly the same as Ying Mei’s.
    She believes that as long as no one looks too closely, even the one most familiar with Ying Mei, Han Ye, also wouldn’t be able to recognize her.
    She quietly leaves the room.

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  2. Almost thought he hurt her again. Still shes so weak its annoying you would expect her to cultivate alot shes got enemies in the next world above who killed her parents


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