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Chapter 337: No need to make exemptions
    “This servant couldn’t just stand by idly and watch, so got into an argument with her, didn’t expect that it would actually… actually lead to this kind of conclusion.”
    She adds oil and vinegar on recounting what happened in the medicine field.
    Putting emphasis on describing how Muyan was coveting the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower. How, after discovering that the flower was for Shi Lanling, she deliberately destroyed it – amply shifting the blame to Muyan.
    Also, how she seduced Di Ming Jue when he appeared.
    The more Shi Lanling listens, the tighter she furrows her brows. Her eyes of fine sunny weather also become a bit overcast.
    “Do you know that person’s background?”
    The maid could see the displeasure in Shi Lanling’s eyes, and a cheerful expression flits through her face. She promptly replies: “Replying to Miss. That woman is called Jun Muyan, a famous doctor in Tianyuan City these days. I heard that she had passed the Xuan Medical Pavilion’s senior doctor examination.”
    “Heh… Xuan Medical Pavilion?” Shi Lanling gives a disdainful sneer, evidently not putting the Xuan Medical Pavilion in her eyes.
    The maid still wants to continue talking, when Han Ye arrives in a gust of wind.
    “Miss Shi!” Han Ye pants faintly. He takes out a jade box, then, direct and plain-spoken, “This are the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower Cores that have been agreed upon. Please complete what Jun Shang has requested, as soon as possible.”
    Shi Lanling receives the jade box, her fingers lightly stroking the lid.
    It’s as if that man’s handsome and incomparable face has emerged before her eyes.
    Her cheeks begin to heat up.
    “Why didn’t Di Jun come over himself?” she softly mumbles, “And about today’s matter, I heard Qing-er say…”
    “Oh, I would’ve forgotten if Miss Shi didn’t mention it.” Han Ye looks like he had just come to notice the maid’s existence. The corners of his mouth curls up into a grim smile, “Why are you still here? Didn’t you agree to go to the Ghost City and receive the punishment of a hundred lashes, and then proceed to the Beast Fighting Colosseum to raise money and settle your debt?”
    Hearing Han Ye’s words, fear fills up the maid’s eyes.
    She turns beseechingly towards Shi Lanling, “Miss!”
    Shi Lanling slightly furrows her brows, “Guard Han, today’s matter maybe a bit of a misunderstanding. Even if Qing-er had really been framed and accidentally killed the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower, there’s no need to be this aggressive, is there? After all, Qing-er is my personal maid. I wonder if it would be possible for Guard Han to let me see Di Jun, and ask him for an exemption?”
    “There’s no need to make exemptions.” Han Ye has a smile that isn’t a smile, “Since Miss Shi is requesting this favor, it should also be possible to not send that person to Wan Ren Ku.”
    Hearing that, the maid’s face is ecstatic.
    Shi Lanling also smiles in satisfaction, there’s some pride and joy on her face.
    Who would’ve expected that Han Ye’s next words would make her so angry, she almost throws the jade box down the floor, “As long as Miss Lan is willing to compensate ten million gold coins to my family’s Jun Shang, your servant girl naturally wouldn’t need to go to Wan Ren Ku. Of course, that punishment of one hundred lashes is absolutely necessary.”
    Shi Lanling clenches her teeth, “Guard Han, you’re acting on your own initiative – does Di Jun know?”
    Han Ye has a dismissive face, “If Miss Shi thinks that it’s necessary, you are welcome to go to our Jun Shang and object.”
    That said, he claps his hands.
    Someone immediately bursts in, and drags the maid out, as she’s wailing and screaming.
    One hundred lashes, then presented to Wan Ren Ku, then delivered to the Beast Fighting Colosseum – spending all her life in bloody battles against humans and Strange Beasts, until she dies.
    Shi Lanling heavily slams the jade box on the table, her face bursting into green and purple.
    But in the end, she restrains herself and calms down.
    Han Ye has once again changed into a moderate appearance, smiling wholeheartedly, “Miss Shi, with these three Dark Clouds Spirit Flower Cores, there shouldn’t be a problem to refine at least one Nine-Holed Golden Dan, yes?”
    Refining the Nine-Holed Golden Dan is extremely difficult for Yanwu Continent alchemists.

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  2. If she was smart and asked about spiritual energy she would then know shes been unconsciously absorbing it and also know that she can become an aclchmenist


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