EMHS – ch336

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Chapter 336: To reap the consequences of one’s word*
  • modernly used when pointing out that someone is going back on their word
    Muyan just thought that she has gotten over it.
    Hearing these words, the discomfort in her heart immediately ignites into a raging anger.
    This scoundrel really wants to give away the cores of the Spirit Flowers that she had painstakingly raised.
    She really wants to snatch back the jade box that she had just handed over, then break it.
    However, Han Ye doesn’t give her slightest chance. He takes the box, doesn’t say anything, and turns into light and shadow – disappearing from his spot.
    Looking as if it’s really, exceedingly urgent.
    Muyan’s eyes go dark. She doesn’t say anything else, and just turns around to leave.
    To care about who this man is giving the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower for… right now, she only wants to see her baby.
    Just as she has taken two step away however,
    Di Ming Jue’s figure suddenly appears to block her way.
    Muyan narrows her eyes, her expression is exceptionally bad, “Jun Shang, what is the meaning of this? You wanted me to grow flowers, and I did. You wanted to send the cores to your little lover, I also helped you collect them. Now that I want to leave, could it be that Jun Shang still wouldn’t allow it?”
    Di Ming Jue furrows his good-looking sword-like brows, a trace of confusion in his eyes, “What little lover?”
    Haha! Act! Just keep acting!
    Di Ming Jue stares blankly for a moment, then he suddenly has a flash of understanding, “You mean Shi Lanling? How could she be…”
    All of a sudden, his voice comes to a halt.
    A smiling expression appears in his eyes, and he leans closer to Muyan. He whispers by her ear: “Muyan, this tone of yours, Ben Jun would think that you are eating vinegar*.”
  • jealous
    Eat your big head vinegar–!!
    Muyan’s face goes very red, ans she’s so close to letting out a loud scream.
    Meeting the man’s smiling eyes, she could see her own appearance in depths of those ice-blue irises, how she looks as she goes into a rage from humiliation. Her mood worsens.
    Pushing away the man’s incoming face, Muyan coldly says: “How you imagine the wildest things is your business. I don’t care. I would like to leave now. Jun Shang-daren, you wouldn’t go back on your words, would you?”
    Di Ming Jue detains her wrist, unyielding as he pulls her to his side, “Wait for one more day. After a day, you would definitely see Xiao Bao.”
    “Why do I have to wait another day?” Muyan asks coldly, “Don’t forget what you originally promised, that as long as I successfully cultivate the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower, you would let me leave…”
    Before she could finish what she’s saying, the scene in front her eyes spins around.
    Di Ming Jue has once again hoisted her up, slinging her on his shoulder.
    It’s just like he’s carrying a sack.
    “Di Ming Jue–!!!” Muyan practically roars, “Reap the consequences of your words, or you have no face*!”
  • sense of shame
    The man reaches up and lightly pats her bottom, his ears turning a suspicious red.
    The voice coming out of his mouth is still as cold as before, “Say whatever you want, Ben Jun won’t let you leave until tomorrow night.”
    (A certain Jun Shang: Humph! What ‘face’, isn’t it more important to have a wife?)
    “Wuu wuu, Miss, you have to save me! I don’t want to be sold to Wan Ren Ku, don’t want to be lashed a hundred times, ask leniency from that Lord for me!”
    The totally blackened maid kneels before Shi Lanling, weeping bitter tears, entreating piteously.
    Sitting directly in front of the maid is a woman dressed in white, her appearance is lucid, elegant and refined.
    Hearing the maid’s tearful request, the woman slightly knits her long and shapely brows. The gentle beauty akin to ‘Xishi clasping her heart’* is thereupon added to her quiet, cool, and ethereal face. It’s indescribably lovely and pitiful.
  • a woman’s lovely appearance, despite the pangs of pain
    “Qing-er, what happened exactly? I asked you to collect the core of the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower, why have you become like this?”
    “It’s all because of that fox-face!” the maid screeches, her eyes brimming with hate, “Miss, it turns out that the rumor in that courtyard is true, that there’s a vixen seducing the Lord. Not only did that fox confuse the lord’s mind, she even wanted to snatch the Spirit Flower that he wanted to give you.”

6 thoughts on “EMHS – ch336

  1. This stupid maid. You gave your ownself the dead sentence. Now you want to drag in your master too.

    I hope her master is not as stupid and foolish to listen to only her maid’s words.


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  3. This is boring, she still hasn’t learned about spiritual energy and that she can absorb it unconsciously and that also means she would be able to become an alchemist. Then another thing would be shes Being forcefully taken away from little bun, he was never their in her previous life so he should get lost if he thinks he can just push them apart to make room for himself


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