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Chapter 331: The Lord won’t let you off
    Everyday, they listened to her play the zither, sway gently whenever she touches them – like living beings that have attachments to her, responding to her.
    But at this very moment, one of these beautiful and frail little flowers has withered.
    Muyan can even feel the loss of a breathing life from the air.
    The maid’s face is filled with alarm.
    She stares in shock at the black ashes that remain within her hands– then at the dead leaves of the withered Dark Clouds Spirit Flower.
    She looks at Muyan, then at the fat rabbit that has already returned to her side.
    She suddenly screeches loudly, getting up, “It was you, you’re definitely the one who did something and made this Spirit Flower wither, right?”
    “That’s right, you’re definitely jealous of my Miss for obtaining that Lord’s favor so you instructed that rabbit to purposely kill that Dark Clouds Spirit Flower… I’ll get you for this!”
    Saying that, she stomps her foot and suddenly pounces towards Muyan.
    The strong Internal Force coming out of her is unexpectedly that of a peak Earth Stage practitioner.
    Before the maid could get near Muyan however, Ying Mei takes a step forward, holding out her hand to block the maid’s way.
    Ying Mei’s gaze is unspeakably cold.
    She has always been fond of killing to stop killing: a person who uses violence to curb violence.
    Ordinarily, this woman who dared to insult Jun Muyan would have already been dead after a ruthless persecution.
    The maid shudders violently under Ying Mei’s eyes. The Internal Force that had originally condensed on the hollow of her palm also disintegrates due to fear.
    She opens her trembling lips, “You… what do you want to do, I am Shi Xianzi’s personal maid – if you hurt me, the Lord won’t let you off!”
    Ying Mei sneers, the light in her pupils is like a blade, “If I kill you and bury you underneath the soil, no one would know that you came here, do you… want to try it?”
    The maid widens her eyes in horror, and just as she’s about to say something-
    She suddenly catches a glimpse of a few figures from the corner of her eyes.
    Her form leans backwards, and she directly tumbles down to the ground. Soon after, she lets out a pained wail, “It hurts, what do you want to do… you people ruined the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower, now you still want to kill and silence me? Wuu, wuu…”
    Ying Mei has a flash of understanding and she raises her head. Seeing the figures coming to their side, she promptly kneels down on the ground, “Seeing Jun Shang!”
    The black-clothed guards in the courtyard kneel down simultaneously, “Jun Shang!”
    In a split second, Muyan is the only one standing by herself in this courtyard.
    Di Ming Jue’s eyes look towards her.
    Only to see that the young woman’s skin under the sunlight is so white, almost transparent.
    Long eyelashes are slightly hanging down, covering up the rays of light in her eyes.
    The corners of her mouth are slightly curled up, rippling like an enticing smile that seems to exist and vanish.
    But this smile doesn’t have the smallest bit of it’s usual inviting playfulness, as it is laced with a chill instead.
    Di Ming Jue frowns, coldly saying: “What’s the matter?”
    The maid who’s crying on the ground secretly raises her eyes to take a look at the arriving man, and her eyes fills up with astonishment.
    Her face also goes very red in bashfulness.
    Growing up to this age, she has never seen a man that can have such a handsome appearance as this mysterious Lord in front of her.
    This man’s beauty that day, the nobility that casts a sidelong glance at all the land under the heavens…
    It’s no wonder that her Miss, who doesn’t eat the food of common mortals*, also topples over this man’s elegant bearing.
  • placing oneself above the common populace
    The maid sees Di Ming Jue getting closer and closer, impatience rising up in his eyes from the lack of a response.
    She quickly steadies her mind, getting up to a kneeling position. With a sobbing tone: “Replying to Gongzi.”
    “Yesterday, your guard came to inform Miss, saying that the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers would be ready today.”
    “Miss was worried that the Spirit Flower would get damaged during the collection process, so she specially had this servant come over and take a look, and at the same time, have this servant personally pick the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers.”
    “But as soon as this slave arrived, I saw her–”

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