EMHS – ch327

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Chapter 327: A living treasure*
  • hilarious person, like a clown.
    Looking at the man’s decisively leaving back, Muyan immediately feels stifled.
    What’s the big deal, if it comes to it, she could just go back and plant the two remaining seeds.
    However, she remembers that the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower requires Di Ming Jue’s help in order to bloom.
    She could only sigh in helplessness.
    Why is this man so stingy – she had to spit out her heart and spill her blood to raise these flowers!
    Sure enough, her dear Xiao Bao is still better.
    In the short span of six days, she thinks she’s quickly going insane from missing her baby.
    Maybe it’s because the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower is about to completely bloom-
    Muyan tosses and turns for the entire evening and she’s unable to sleep properly, only wishing she could soon see Xiao Bao.
    At the crack of dawn, she gets up and makes her way to the medicine field.
    But as soon as she walks into the garden, she hears a faint sound of screaming from the western side of the house.
    “Ouch! Little Shadow, you’re going to kill me!”
    “Taking you to the brothel, wasn’t it for your own good? Have you open your mind, gain knowledge and experiences, and know that there are many women in the world… ow, ow, ouch… stop hitting, I was wrong, I was wrong, okay? I wouldn’t dare do it in the future!”
    “But I’m just urging you, Miss Jun is the Master’s woman, you must never let yourself be carried away by fanciful thoughts. That would naturally court disaster ah!
    Immediately following that is a ‘bang’ that resounds within the early morning’s silence.
    Then there’s the clear and cold juvenile timbre, “Idiot, do you have bean curds for brains?”
    Muyan chuckles and smiles.
    This Han Ye could really be a living treasure.
    And could also be quite silly.
    He interacts with Ying Mei all the time, when will he finally find out that the other is a woman?
    The corner of Muyan’s mouth quirks up, and she slowly walks towards the direction of the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers.
    Not a lot of steps away, Ying Mei silently catches up with her, only to stand half a step at her rear left.
    Muyan casts her a sidelong glance, with a smile that isn’t a smile, “Beauty, I heard that you’re getting carried away by fanciful thoughts towards me, and it just so happens that I also yearn for you day and night, you should just run away with me!”
    Saying that, she even reaches out to hook Ying Mei’s chin up, wearing a face of a rich evil tyrant who’s taking liberties with a beautiful woman.
    Ying Mei’s face immediately bursts to deep red, at a loss on what to do. She can only speak helplessly after a long while: “Miss Jun, stop making jokes.”
    Miss Jun, this person is just like this, she’s especially fond of teasing Ying Mei.
    Muyan unrestrainedly laughs once again, only to release the other’s chin. However, she doesn’t take her hand back, but directly grasps Ying Mei’s wrist, pulling the other to stand right beside her.
    “Come, follow me to go and take a look at the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers.”
    Ying Mei sets about to move her hand, seemingly wanting to break away. But after Muyan grasps her firmly once more, she slightly blushes and allows Muyan to pull her along as they walk forwards.
    Miss Jun’s fingers around her wrist are very warm, with the kind of warmth that sinks into her heart.
    Her chest, which is usually in intolerable pain, is also comfortably warm at this moment.
    Since her whole family has been slaughtered, leading her to carry a hatred as deep as an ocean of blood, she has never felt as relaxed as she does at this moment – so tranquil.
    Ying Mei can’t help but glance at the girl beside her, and the light in her eyes becomes brighter and brighter.
    “What are you looking at me for?” Muyan suddenly turns her head, giggling as she looks at Ying Mei, “Do I look better than the Spirit Flowers?”
    Then Ying Mei meets Muyan’s mischievous eyes, and she flushes red in bashfulness, not knowing what to do with her hands and feet.
    Taking in a deep breath, she follows Muyan’s line of sight.
    Only to see the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers under the light of the sun, their blue branches and leaves are sparkling and translucent, pure and limpid, like she could almost see the plant sap flowing inside.
    And those light blue flowers that have blossomed yesterday, they have already changed into an icy-blue at this moment.

9 thoughts on “EMHS – ch327

  1. Hehe living treasure normally mean a living being, likely human, who have a lot of useful talents and abilities, right? Why is the explanation up there sound so wrong? Please check again…


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  3. Hehe, can’t wait till he finds out. Also till when is her learning spiritual energy going to be put on hold shes already unconsciously absorbing large amounts


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