EMHS – ch325

Chapter 325: Receive payment
    The melodious sound of the zither reverberates through the air, but the not-so-distant Dark Clouds Spirit Flower is still as unresponsive as before.
    Although Muyan has been mentally prepared, she still regretfully stops guiding Di Ming Jue’s movements on playing the instrument.
    Seeing the side of his face, Di Ming Jue looks like wants to continue, and Muyan speaks rare placating words, “Don’t mind it, this isn’t your fault. My qin is somewhat special. Except for me and Xiao Bao, it’s useless when other people play it. And maybe this isn’t the right method, so I’ll have to think of another…”
    Muyan still hasn’t finished saying her words.
    Di Ming Jue narrows his eyes in displeasure, and the fingers that were originally resting over the zither strings suddenly pluck on the strings.
    In a split second, air seems to take a more solid form around the Tian Mo Qin, and blast out.
    A gust of wind seems to rush over the medicine field like a gigantic tide.
    Countless herbs are thoroughly and violently shaking, some even breaking.
    And those four blue flowers buds that were originally incipient, after the sound of the zither, very small cracks gradually burst open at a speed visible to the naked eye.
    A rich, cool fragrance fills the air of the entire courtyard.
    Muyan instinctively takes in a deep breath.
    Her body and mind feel incredibly light and carefree.
    She even has the image of the shackles of her Qi Sea, her bottleneck, somewhat loosening a bit.
    This method really is effective!
    To urge its development, the flowering stage requires an energy of a higher rank than Mysterious Energy, and that’s Spiritual Energy.
    And like Xiao Bao, Di Ming Jue doesn’t need to be recognized as Lord to be able to play the Tian Mo Qin.
    Muyan suddenly comes back to herself, she has a bad expression as she looks at Di Ming Jue, “You didn’t need to play a song on the zither at all, and you can operate the qin sounds to make the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower bloom?”
    Di Ming Jue takes a step closer to her, lowering his voice as he says: “Yes!”
    “You were just toying with me?” Muyan grits her teeth.
    “No.” Di Ming Jue denies and he bends down, lightly pecking on her lips, “Collecting payment!”
    Muyan: “…”
    She is left speechless about this man who is becoming more and more shameless in his actions, becoming more and more thick-faced.
    At the sidelines, Han Ye and Ying Mei are stunned by just looking.
    Is this their Jun Shang – the one who’s cold, aloof, and unapproachable?
    And why do they feel like their hearts are clogged, really wanting to turn around and leave: after all, what remains unseen is deemed to be clean.
    If Han Ye had read Baili Liuyin’s notes, he would’ve known that there’s a phrase “feeding dog food”!
  •    (edited) single person forced to watch a couple being intimate.
    As long as Jun Shang is with Miss Muyan, he would keep feeding on dog food.
    Especially how life would be without meaning otherwise!
    However, thinking that Ying Mei, as he’s secretly in love with Miss Jun, is more broken-hearted than he is:
    Han Ye feels like his own gloominess is like a fleeting cloud, and he must pull Little Shadow away from the wrong road.
    That layer of barrier around each of the flower buds has been broken, and the flowers have completely bloomed, along with Muyan’s mood.
    The sounds of the zither starts to play, pleasant and much better-sounding than the one a few moments ago.
    Muyan is sitting cross-legged on the ground, her white clothes and black hair flutter softly in the the breeze.
    She has a very small smile, and her fingers are sparkling and translucent as they strum on the strings. Glimmering eyes seem to ripple under the sun, stirring people’s hearts.
    Di Ming Jue’s eyes are unblinkingly focused on the young woman, the blaze in his eyes are repressed, hidden – but it seems like it could start a prairie fire at any moment, no longer could it be controlled, nor endured.
    As the sound of the zither wanders out, formless energy spreads out and envelopes the entire courtyard.    
    And the herbs that have been struck down, broken and in chaos from Di Ming Jue’s zither sound attack – they all frantically grow with great vitality once more.

12 thoughts on “EMHS – ch325

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  2. Lol, you seems to explain “feeding dog food” wrongly… hahaha it means that you were forced to see intimate actions of a couple while you’re a single person or “single dog” as the word go

    Liked by 2 people

    • I read an extra chapter to see if I was wrong or something do to ur comment. I wasn’t. First, what did my comment have to do with Han Ye? It’s about the ML. Han Ye is great. His internal monologue of misunderstanding the sitch is wonderful. Just like my comment speculated, Di Ming Jue was just lying, again, so he could force her to “teach” him. In other words to get touchy fealy. She has wanted to leave since the get go but, being absolutely forced to stay by violence and threats her attitude is slowly “adjusting” towards”affection”. Absolutely Stockholm syndrome kicking in. He has used nothing but trickery, threats and violence. This is absolutely true. He touches her whenever he wants, no matter how much she tried to fight back, cringe, or tear. She has held, in the beginning, her cries in as much as possible, and placated the psycho so she didnt die. He is THAT much more powerful than she is. It’s like being stuck in a cave with a horny bear. You’re gonna do what it wants or u die. She hasn’t been able to speak her mind. Cuz, when she did it brought his anger. Remember how she’s there to begin with. Forcefully kidnapped and pulled from her life and child. Child? Yes, I consider her thoughts of him all but forgotten at this point. Why? Because, as a mother, she would’ve fought tooth and nail to get back to him. The one time where survival instinct no longer makes its appearance is when a good mother is thinking of their children. She has it in her mind now that he could teach her child so this arrangement is somewhat okay. But a real mom wouldn’t see it this way. What can he teach the child. Strength? And at what cost? Becoming a psychopath/ sociopath, having zero respect for women, taking what you want when you want, killing anyone weaker than you like they are bugs, killing over piddly things-basic misunderstandings or that you just dont like them, if ppl talk back or express their feelings to you-send them to get raped at a brothel, kidnapping, extortion and the list continues. Yeah, what a great teacher to have around. You may find the truth disturbing but, I find it more disturbing that there are ppl out there that think this is called love and romantics. That ppl are shipping him for his action is absolutely mind-boggling. Seek counceling.


      • I never said anything about your comment has anything to do with hanye, hence “anyway”… I was just stating that your comment is making me uncomfortable to read. Is there a problem?

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        • The running sentence used tied 2 sentence into one making it unclear what and where Han Ye is involved in the discussion. Frankly, its neither here nor there and probably the smallest part of my reply. As for it being “uncomfortable”, I explained well enough where I was coming from, so, no problem:) I simply wanted to explain I’m not the one doing all those disturbing actions nor am I excepting those noxious actions like any of it is normal. I’m merely pointing them out as the disturbing facts that they truly are.


      • Why are you still reading it then?

        Are you a mother? Do you know how it feels separated with your child? Also xiaobao is not a normal child. And he can take care himself. She also understood they need to be separated for xiaobao to learn to overcome his unsecurity?

        About the kidnapping and forcing someone to their own bidding. In this novel, they have other more stuff like backstabbing,traitorous scheme even killing is justified. So it doesnt really bothers me what the ML does to FL. He is the lord of 3 realms. He is the law. Unless someone point that out that he is not supposed to do this or that. He will think all his actions is correct or justified.

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