EMHS – ch310

Chapter 310: If not me, who would teach him
    As soon as the door is closed, Di Ming Jue loosens his hold, and Muyan immediately jumps off of his shoulders.
    Muyan rubs her somewhat sore waist, firmly glaring at the one who first buried funerary dolls*.
  • originator of an evil practice.
    Only to see Di Ming Jue open his arms, and he uses that low and magnetic voice to say: “Come, take off my clothes.”
    “Cough, cough, cough” Muyan almost chokes on her own saliva.
    “What kind of joke is this?”
    There is no change on Di Ming Jue’s face, his expression is still as cold as before.
    Those pair of deep and mysterious eyes slightly narrow, “Don’t you like painting beautiful men without clothes? Why don’t you come and remove Ben Jun’s clothes, and have Ben Jun satisfy you?”
    “Cough, cough, cough” this time, Muyan coughing gets even worse.
    They only haven’t seen each other for a month or two, how did this guy’s speech get even more and more like a shameless scoundrel, brash and brazen!
    Just at this moment, there’s a knock on the door.
    Muyan breathes a sigh of relief.
    Right now, she really doesn’t know how she should face Di Ming Jue.
    The atmosphere is extremely strange.
    The door opens, and Ying Mei comes in with the painting materials.
    Seeing this cold and beautiful youth, Muyan instinctively tries to say something to tease the other.
     Before she could open her mouth however, Ying Mei hurriedly sets down all the stuff he’s carrying, and scuttles out like lightning.
    You can even say that the retreating back is like a wolf in a tight corner, or a mouse scampering away.
    Muyan wants to reach out and molest the beauty. However, just as she starts stretching her hand, she suddenly looks sluggish.
    Just as she’s about to speak, something suddenly tightens over her waist, and she’s brought into a searing embrace.
    Di Ming Jue looks down at her, “Ben Jun is right in front of you, and you still have the mind to look at other men?”
    Muyan chuckles, and resumes her usual laziness, “Even if there’s already a beauty in front of me, I wouldn’t mind looking if there’s two more.”
    Di Ming Jue really wishes he could block up this annoying little mouth.
    See how she could still say things to deliberately piss him off.
    “Just now, what do you mean when you said that you would teach Xiao Bao?”
    Di Ming Jue slightly leans lower, looking her in the eyes, “Ben Jun said that sooner or later, you will inevitably be Ben Jun’s wife, so Xiao Bao is naturally my son. If I’m not going to guide my son, who will?”
    “Don’t mention Xiao Bao’s real father to me!” Di Ming Jue gnashes his teeth, “No matter how much you love him, he’s already dead. In the future, the men in Jun Muyan’s life – there can only be Ben Jun alone!”
    The man’s deep, dark and husky voice is like a vow as it echoes in her ears.
    And it’s like a heavy thump at the bottom of her heart.
    For an instant, it makes Muyan have an absent-minded expression.
    “On Ben Jun’s word, I can teach that little guy and make him become even more outstanding, more exceptional, and absolutely never let anyone bully him.”
    “This is on the premise that you will stay here and cultivate the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower for Ben Jun.”
    Muyan bites her lips and goes silent, slightly knitting her brows.
    She’s guessing that Di Ming Jue might have some important use for this Spirit Flower.
    However, no one has been successful in cultivating it for thousands of years now. Why would he think that she could?
    Also, what if she’s unable to cultivate it?
    Will she never see Xiao Bao again?
    Even though she knows that Xiao Bao is probably alright, she already misses her baby to death after just not seeing him for a day.
    And yet, Muyan also knows that Xiao Bao has an Immortal’s physique.
    His talent far surpasses the the limits of the entire Yanwu Continent.
    There’s really no way for Xiao Bao to really grow if they’re only relying on her.
    And in front of her, this man from the higher realm may be the best person to teach and train Xiao Bao.
    Muyan’s thoughts are flying into chaos.
    When she comes back to her senses, she finds that Di Ming Jue has brought her in front of a table.

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