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Chapter 309: Who has a son with you
    The man inches closer, his thin lips are almost touching her earlobes as he speaks.
    From her perspective, Muyan could see the man’s enticing collarbone.
    The lines extend into his neckline.
    Muyan gulps down, “You’re… also… alright!”
    This man is actually using his beauty!
    Di Ming Jue leans in a little bit closer still, “Only alright?”
    Muyan was barely able to nod, before her body has already been lifted up.
    Di Ming Jue has unexpectedly slung her over his shoulder, and with large strides, he proceeds to go into the courtyard.
    Muyan is stunned.
    She completely didn’t expect that Di Ming Jue would actually do something like this.
    “Di Ming Jue, what are you doing? Put me down!”
    The corners of Di Ming Jue’s mouth curls up, showing a trace of an evil smirk, “I’ll let you have a good look, and see whether or not I’m only ‘alright’!”
    Ying Mei and Han Ye, one is calculating, the other is dumbstruck.
    This is the first time that they’ve seen their Jun Shang show such an expression.
    So lively, so genuine.
    More than that, Jun Shang actually smiled!
    “Jun Shang…” Ying Mei unconsciously calls out, “Purgatory Pool…”
    The Purgatory Pool requires Di Ming Jue’s command to open.
    Di Ming Jue coldly says: “Go prepare the brush, paper and ink. Deliver them into the room!”
    After saying that, he doesn’t wait for Ying Mei’s response, as he directly leaves while carrying Muyan.
    In the distance, they could hear the voices of the two individuals bickering.
    “…I think you haven’t been looking carefully enough yesterday, so you would think that Ben Jun isn’t attractive enough…”
    “I was wrong! Jun Shang-daren, you are the most handsome, the most stylish, the most attractive… so there’s no need to look again!”
    “Ben Jun thinks it’s better to take another look!”
    “Di Ming Jue, don’t go too far! I want to go back and see Xiao Bao!”
    “In these days, Ben Jun can naturally teach our son. An excessively caring mother is bad for the child, don’t go and meddle!”
    “I’m meddl-… hold on, who has a son with you!”
    The room’s door closes with a bang.
    Han Ye and Ying Mei are also jolted by that sound, and they stare blankly and look distracted.
    It’s only after a long while that Ying Mei turns around to leave.
    “Wait, Ying Mei, what are you up to?”
    “Purgatory Pool!” Ying Mei says those words, concisely and comprehensively.
    “Stupid!” Han Ye hurriedly pulls the other to stop, “Jun Shang clearly means that you don’t need to go to the Purgatory Pool, otherwise, why wouldn’t he give you the token to open it!”
    Ying Mei stares blankly. Soon after, he shakes his head, “This is Jun Shang’s order.”
    “Jun Shang’s order is to have you deliver brush, ink and paper into the room!” Han Ye hates iron for not being steel, “You lump of wood, don’t you understand? Jun Shang has changed his order to not punish you.”
    If you’re really punished, it would offend Miss Jun, and I’m afraid Jun Shang will have to face the consequences.
    From the beginning, Jun Shang has been tenaciously eaten by Miss Jun!
    Of course, this last sentence is too mutinous, so he doesn’t dare say it.
    Ying Mei looks listless for a good while, only to mumble: “This is the first time that Jun Shang has reversed an order.”
    Han Ye laughs without worries, “What about this? As long as it involves Miss Muyan, all of Jun Shang’s actions can’t be explained with common sense. There are still so many strange things you’ll come to know in the future!”
    Ying Mei stares at the direction where the two has just gone to, the beaming smile on that absolutely gorgeous countenance emerges in his mind.
    How can a woman as lively and as confident as she, be so willful and reckless?
    However, as it happens, that smiling face is so bright and dazzling, people can’t look away.
    Ying Mei lowers his head and grips his wrist. There’s a small flicker of light in his eyes.
    Just now, did Miss Jun discover his secret?

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