EMHS – ch308

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Chapter 308: What are you two doing
    “Ying Mei?” Muyan repeats it once, her smiling expression is bright and beautiful, “The person is beautiful, and the name is pleasant. Really, why don’t you think it over and enter my painting? I promise that I can showcase your beauty perfectly.”
    Saying that, her hand goes to try and touch Ying Mei’s chest.
    A change comes over Ying Mei’s face, and he could no longer care whether or not he might hurt her.
    A hand suddenly breaks out in mutiny and turns them over.
    The pair suddenly trades their positions.
    Muyan is pressed against the wall and Ying Mei is looming over and staring her.
    The most compromising aspect is how Muyan’s hands are pinned on both sides of her head.
    Ying Mei looks down at her, like he’s about to kiss her at any moment now.
    The atmosphere freezes.
    Ying Mei abruptly comes to his senses, and just as he’s about to release the other-
    He hears a low, cold voice suddenly speak from behind him, “What are you two doing?!”
    Ying Mei swiftly turns around, and sees Di Ming Jue in that instant.
    His complexion immediately turns white. He bends his knees, and kneels on the ground, “Seeing Jun Shang!”
    Di Ming Jue walks over to the pair, one step at a time.
    He doesn’t spare a glance towards Ying Mei, but he stares unblinkingly at Muyan.
    Han Ye, who came behind Di Ming Jue, is already stuck dumb.
    He keeps on holding his body back, as he wants to tremble from fear.
    Gods, what did he just see?!
    Ying Mei and Miss Jun!!
    Heavens! Come and have a huge lightning strike him!
    Is Ying Mei insane?
    Not liking other women, but actually getting involved with Miss Jun.
    Isn’t this courting disaster to himself?
    Di Ming Jue’s footsteps finally stop at a place that’s only half a meter away from Muyan.
    With the setting sun, the man’s face is not like a mortal’s in its beauty.
    But it reveal neither a thread nor a hair of expression.
    Then, he repeats his earlier question, “What are you two doing?”
    Ying Mei lowers his head, his complexion is deathly pale, his voice hoarse: “Ying Mei has erred, asking Jun Shang for a punishment.”
    Di Ming Jue’s expression still doesn’t change, and he merely speaks with indifference: “Enter the Purgatory Pool for a month.”
    Hearing this punishment, Han Ye’s face goes white.
    Nevertheless, Ying Mei seems to let out a sigh of relief, and he says with a lowered head: “Yes, Jun Shang!”
    Saying that, he gets up to leave.
    “Wait a moment.” Muyan, who still hasn’t said anything until now, chuckles and blocks Ying Mei’s path.
    She looks at Di Ming Jue with a smile that isn’t a smile, the expression not reaching the depths of her eyes, “I’m the one who forced Ying Mei, you should also punish me if you want to punish anyone. This doesn’t have anything to do with Ying Mei.”
    The darkness in the depths of Di Ming Jue’s eyes is suddenly like an all-encompassing storm.
    The low pressure from his entire body is making Han Ye tremble, and making him wish that he could run away in that instant.
    “You–like Ying Mei?” Di Ming Jue steps forward and grabs her by the waist. His voice is practically coated with a murderous intent as they’re squeezed out from his lips and teeth.
    The man’s scorching breath hits Muyan in the face, making her momentarily uncomfortable.
    She wants to struggle, only to be held closer and tighter by Di Ming Jue.
    “Tell me, do you–like Ying Mei?”
    Muyan wants to say “What if I do”, but she sees the man’s eyes, and the gods and demons are at work*, for she coughs and says, “I naturally like Ying Mei… I’d like him to enter my painting.”
  • *Inexplicable, supernatural
    Into a painting?
    The cold air around Di Ming Jue suddenly fades away.
    As it turns out, Muyan was thinking of having Ying Mei model for a painting.
    But when he thinks that this woman actually wants to draw other half-naked people again, his tooth itches in anger.
    “You like Ying Mei’s appearance?”
    Muyan blinks, “What’s wrong with those looks? The unripe, pretty appearance of a youth is very attractive? And lot of people like it?”
    “More attractive than me? People would like it better than mine?”

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