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Chapter 302: Xiao Bao’s Birth Father
    That confident tone, it’s as if it’s impossible that she won’t marry him.
    Can this man still be even more overbearing?
    Muyan grits her teeth, “The one I like is Xiao Bao’s biological father. Except for him, I won’t marry anyone. Just give up on this idea!”
    In any case, she has already raised this “Xiao Bao’s biological father” tiger flag, she doesn’t mind using it again, a little more thoroughly.
    Sure enough, Di Ming Jue’s eyes deepens after hearing those words.
    The air in the room seems to have completely sunk into a gloom.
    If seeing Muyan be in the same room with those half-naked wild men could make Di Ming Jue burn with pure jealousy-
    Every time that person is mentioned, “Xiao Bao’s real father”, it’s as if his heart is being ruthlessly slashed.
    He couldn’t breath from the pain.
    That’s because Di Ming Jue knows, those ** men, no matter how close they are to Muyan, they haven’t entered her heart.
    As Muyan said, those men are merely pieces of art in her eyes.
    However, Xiao Bao’s father had genuinely been involved in Muyan’s life.
    They even have a crystallization of that life.
    Simply looking at how Muyan loves Xiao Bao, he can imagine how much she loves Xiao Bao’s father.
    How sweet was the past that those two had?
    And that past is something that he can never share.
    At this thought, Di Ming Jue could feel a suffocating pain.
    He detests himself, why didn’t he seek for the prophesied Woman of Destiny much earlier?
    If he found Muyan five years earlier, he could have completely possessed this woman.
    Wouldn’t he be the only one in Muyan’s life?
    The man’s departing back appears indescribably lonely and desolate.
    It makes Muyan’s heart feel a sense of pity.
    However, the moment she comes back to her senses, those specks of pity completely change into rage.
    Scoundrel, Di Ming Jue!
    He’s actually really locking her up!
    The sky has already sank into darkness.
    Junji Medical Center, there’s still a dim light in Muyan’s room.
    “Little Master, do you want me to keep you company as you sleep?” Feng Haitang looks at the little boy’s cold, jade-carved face before her, and she can’t help but open her mouth to ask.
    Xiao Bao shakes his head, the handsome little face is as expressionless as before, “You go back to rest.”
    Feng Haitang nods, but she still can’t help but glance at him in concern.
    Ever since she started following her lady, Feng Haitang’s daily task had been to take care of Muyan and Xiao Bao’s diet and schedule.
    She herself has a cold temperament, and she’s not good with words. However, her heart’s admiration and gratitude towards Muyan grows with each passing day.
    After following by Muyan’s side, she’s come to know how superb are the medical skills of this girl, who’s even younger than her.
    Yan Haotian’s injuries back then, without Muyan’s treatment-
    Maybe now, don’t even say anything about recovering his past cultivation, even surviving would have been extremely difficult.
    And at this time, the Ink Camp’s people are fighting for the special draughts, perhaps with all their might.
    However, Muyan isn’t stingy towards her, Yan Haotian, and Ru Yan’s group – not even a little bit.
    Those specials draughts that people break their heads fighting over outside, to them, it’s like candy that they can eat casually.
    Feng Haitang is brimming with gratitude towards Muyan, so she’s even more diligent in looking after the Little Master.
    And you can say that this Little Master before her eyes is the most refined, most remarkable, and most sensible child under the sun.
    Other four-year-old children may be vexed and throw a tantrum as they roll about.
    But he is already so thoughtful that it makes people feel distressed.
    His hard work and conscientiousness in his daily cultivation is making her, an adult, feel ashamed of being inferior.
    But because of this, Feng Haitang can’t say how sorry she feels for this child.

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  1. Is it that hard to say, I despise men that try to dominate women? I mean seriously, that statement makes him make a choice; continue being an overbearing asshole and receive resentment or be a real man and maybe get somewhere. But this whole bs way of talking on her end, who talks like that? Author, put some realism in your characters already! Having the ML be a vermin is bad enough but franklynshes no better at this point because she cant speak properly.


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