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Chapter 301: Xiao Bao is naturally Ben Jun’s son
    Muyan snaps her eyes wide open, “What do you want me to cultivate?”
    “The Dark Clouds Spirit Flower.”
    “Do you know that no one has been able to cultivate this Spirit Flower for this past thousands of years?”
    Muyan glares at the man’s cold and unperturbed face, “And you still want me to cultivate the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower? When no one has been able to do it for several millennia, what makes you think that I can do it?”
    Just as her voice falls, the man’s hand grabs her by the waist, bringing her in his embrace.
    “If it’s impossible, then you can only stay by my side forever, don’t even think of taking a single step to leave!”
    Muyan wrinkles her brows, “Are you toying with me?”
    The warm lips curve down, but the man’s next words in that low voice makes the welling anger in her heart, to be inexplicably drained away.
    “I am not. I believe that you…” he lowers his head to her delicate, translucent-as-jade earlobes, like he wants to nip at it, but also like he wants to simply brush by it, “Even if it’s impossible to everyone under the heaven, I believe that my Muyan… can do it.”
    The low murmured statement is like a feather.
    Muyan’s steady mind secretly say that she mustn’t be manipulated by this beautiful man!
    She looks at the seeds on her hands, then thinks that maybe Di Ming Jue needs this seeds, so he wants her to lend him a hand?
    In any case, she still owes him a few favors.
    There’s no harm in giving it a try.
    What’s more, she’s also very interested in the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower of the legends.
    “I can try to cultivate the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower.” Muyan raises her head to look at Di Ming Jue, “but I won’t stay here. Xiao Bao is still waiting for me back home. You could wait to come again and pick up this flower after seven days.”
    Who would’ve expected that Di Ming Jue would still shake his head, “You have to stay here and cultivate the Spirit Flower. You can’t be distracted by anything.”
    Muyan frowns, “Without me, Xiao Bao can have nightmares in his sleep.”
    “Humph!” Di Ming Jue snorts, and he shows a dissatisfied expression, “A big man, and he still needs to stick to someone to sleep, how unbecoming.”
    Listening to him criticize her son, Muyan’s mood goes sour, “What big man, my son is only four years old!”
    A four year old child liking to nest in his mother’s embrace and act spoiled, isn’t that normal?
    Besides, her baby is still so well-behaved. Except for wanting to stick to her during bedtime, he’s not unruly at all.
     “When you were four, you still don’t know how to play in the mud! What qualifications do you have to talk about my Xiao Bao?”
    Actually daring to say that her son is unbecoming!
    Di Ming Jue faintly looks distant, “Ben Jun was three years old, and I was already thrown into the mountains to practice alone for three months. Say, does Ben Jun have any basis to speak?”
    “Eh…” Muyan is suddenly at a loss for words.
    The expression in her eyes is somewhat mercurial.
    At the age of three, he was already thrown into the mountains to practice alone for three months.
    Although her baby also grew up in the mountains, still, practicing alone for three months-
    She absolutely couldn’t bear for Xiao Bao to suffer this kind of hardship.
    Could it be that this man’s parents could bear it?
    How can a three-year-old child struggle and suffer in the mountains, and come out alive?
    An unfamiliar emotion wells up in her mind, apparently somewhat distressed for this seemingly invincible man in front of her.
    However, she listens to Di Ming Jue continue to speak: “Xiao Bao will be Ben Jun’s son, as well as the future master of the Polar Domain. If he can’t take this matter upon himself, how can he be up to the task.”
    Muyan’s mouth spasms.
    Whatever distress she had, they all float away like clouds.
    “Who said that Xiao Bao would be your son?”
    Di Ming Jue bends down, a small huskiness in his voice, “You are destined to be Ben Jun’s wife in the future, Xiao Bao is naturally Ben Jun’s son.”

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  1. well, you got to give it to him, any cultivation man that’s not the main lead or whatever with power to shake the literal sky would not allowed any other offspring then “his” own

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