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Chapter 298: Want to record me
    Muyan originally wanted to resist.
    However, her nose is flooded with the man’s rich and alluring scent.
    Her breath is plundered, lips and teeth are violated.
    For a moment, she becomes muddleheaded, her body seems to be burning with a fire.
    It’s as if her soft body has turned into water, and it’s only relying on the man’s imprisonment that it doesn’t fall down.
    There’s even an absurd thought that’s inexplicably coming to the surface of her mind.
    This man, the first time they met, his kissing technique was obviously extremely unskilled.
    How did he practice in the short span of these past few months?
    He could actually muddle her head with a kiss!
    Who knows how much time has passed.
    Di Ming Jue reluctantly releases the now-swollen lips, and he gives a few soft kisses on the the moist corners.
    “These days, you… didn’t you miss Ben Jun?”
    The man’s dark, husky voice contains a deep desire, and boundless hope and expectation.
    “Eh…” Muyan goes silent for a moment.
    If she says that she didn’t think about him, will she get killed?
    Sure enough, she just doesn’t say anything and Di Ming Jue’s complexion immediately turns as black as a pot!
    Fingers firmly buckle her chin, and he says through gritted teeth: “You’re a woman without conscience!”
    Muyan almost couldn’t stop herself from rolling her eyes.
    Who are you to this Miss? Why should I miss you?
    Di Ming Jue really wants to teach this person a firm lesson. However, seeing the snow-like countenance, those pair of clever eyes, beautiful like the rippling waters that reflect the light of the moon – he can’t move a hand!
    This woman was born to overthrow him!
    Muyan puts her clothes in order, as they’ve become somewhat messy from the passion from earlier, “I’ve been out for a long time already. I should go back.”
    All of a sudden, a dense killing intent and indignation surges up violently from the depths of Di Ming Jue’s eyes, “Go back?”
    “Why do you want to go back? Going to fool around with those improperly-dressed wild men?”
    The man’s voice is hoarse and gloomy, like a volcano that’s about to erupt from suppressed emotions. There’s even an almost imperceptible trace of grievance.
    Muyan doesn’t know why-
   Being stared at by those eyes in such a way, being questioned in such a voice… she actually, inexplicable feels a little guilty.
    “Cough… how can you say that I’m fooling around?” she forces a laugh, “Didn’t you see that I was teaching my apprentice how to paint? A man’s strong, healthy, and imposing body is the perfect work of art, it deserves to be recorded. How can you think of it so dirtily like that?”
    “The perfect work of art? Deserves to be recorded?”
     The man’s good-looking eyebrows slowly go up, those brows are inclined to enter the hair on his temples. It just flaunts the man’s incomparable hegemony.
    However, his movements render Muyan stupefied.
    He grabs her hand and presses it to his chest, his voice low and husky, with a trace of sexuality, “Then Muyan wants to go and record my body?”
    She doesn’t know when his lapels have have been pulled open, exposing the firm chest muscles inside.
    Muyan’s little hand is caught and pressed against that skin, the burning temperature almost makes her cry out and flee.
    When she saw those bare bodies from the Ink Camp, she was definitely looking at them in relish.
    She didn’t feel any shyness at all.
    But looking at this man’s form, and even more, to record it with a brush…
    Muyan’s cheeks suddenly turn into a red that could almost drip out.
    And Di Ming Jue has already grabbed her hands, untying his clothes.
    The outer garment slips off, and the clothes under it are wide open.
    This time, it doesn’t just expose the man’s erotic chest, but it also reveals his perfect abdominal muscles and waist lines.
    The man is very imposing and arrogant, and his figure is tall, straight and lean.
    Taking his clothes off, you can see a layer of muscles wrapping around his whole body. It seems to contain a limitless power.

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  2. “The outside’s wonderful, too bad the insides complete shit!” Heres a RL answer for this situation since Chinese writers like to make women subservient no matter what is thrown at them. Sexual harassment? Yes please. Physical abuse? Please sir may I have more. Insulting mental and verbal abuse? Ah, such a way with words. Seriously, I blame it on their small penises:) The author has ruined this novel time and time again with these atrocious “exceptible” actions of this vermin MC. I keep hoping hell clear up his attitude so I as the reader(if I was her I’da already cut his junk off. Don’t tell me its made of steel?)can just pretend the POS side of him was never there to begin with. But nope it gets drug on and on and on. I’m losing more and more interest with this as the chapters go by. Ppl who are rooting for this loser, go seek couseling.


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