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Chapter 292: Master, Senior Brother, Save me!
    Each of their eyes glow green, exceedingly excited.
    “Come, this group of Xuan Medical Pavilion brats, you finally have the guts to drop by and cause trouble! Laozi has been waiting, they have been waiting, we’re all going to get moldy soon!”
    “That’s right, getting drilled day by day without fights, it’s just living death!”
    “Brothers, the fat sheep have come to deliver themselves, go and beat them up for me. Just don’t kill them so we don’t get bored!”
    Lou Beiyu has just pushed his guards aside, and he opens his mouth to talk: “Who are you people? Dare to be in my way, hurry and step aside, I want to look for my Mas…”
    He still hasn’t finished saying “Master” when a huge fist is already coming over to punch his face.
    “Ooww–!” a scream!
    It’s immediately followed by the sound of fighting.
    It only takes the time of a few dozens of breaths, and Lou Beiyu and the guards he brought are already lying on the ground.
    Each of them has a bloody nose and a swollen face, exhaling better than they could inhale, completely unable to crawl up.
    Guan Hu sits right on top of Lou Beiyu, laughing grimly: “Say, who sent you? What do you want to do by running to our Junji Medical Center?”
    Lou Beiyu ferociously glares at Guan Hu, gnashing his teeth, “You… you group of scoundrels! You dare to do this to me, my Master and Senior Brother won’t let you off!”
    “Owwie, I’m so scared!” Guan Hu picks his ears, “Why don’t you tell me what are the names of your Master and Senior Brother, take a look if we Laozis would be scared or not!”
    “Hahaha!” the surrounding people of the Ink Camp bursts into a roaring laughter.
    Just as they’re laughing, they suddenly hear a sudden disturbance from the crowd.
    Someone shouts, “It’s the Enchantress, the Enchantress and the Little Gongzi have come back!”
    Soon after, they see a young woman in black clothes, her complexion like snow, and she’s leading along an adorable, snowy jade child. They’re slowly coming over.
    The instant he sees the two-
    Lou Beiyu’s eyes suddenly turn red, and he tears a loud shout from his throat: “Master, Little Senior, save me!”
    Everyone seems to hear the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves.
    Guan Hu’s body goes stiff, he turns his head and woodenly looks at Lou Beiyu, “You… who are you calling Master?”
    At this time, Xiao Bao has already broken from Muyan’s hand, gradually walking over before him.
    His eyes look from Lou Beiyu’s crying face, and slowly shifts to fall on Guan Hu, who’s already frozen from head to foot and couldn’t budge.
    “Little… Little Master, you…”
    Xiao Bao slightly narrows his eyes, and uses that distinctive ice-cold childish voice to say: “What do you want to do to my stupid junior?”
    Lou Beiyu still wanted to contain the tears within his eyes at first, but hearing the other say that, the tears rush out all of a sudden.
    “Little Senior, you must get justice for me ah!”
    Xiao Bao turns his head away in disgust, then he spits out the word “stupid”.
    However, the little hand still stretches out to grab Guan Hu’s collar, and he directly throws the man out.
    During all of that, Muyan is all smiles as she stands watching by the side, and there’s a peculiar light dancing in her eyes.
    Xiao Bao may seem cold.
    But to those that he regards as his own people, he will cover up for them.
    For example, this three-day apprentice of hers, the stupid prince that didn’t even learn half a stroke from her.
    Only because Lou Beiyu calls him “Little Senior”, and trusts him wholeheartedly.
    “Mi… Miss!” the Ink Camp’s men tremble with fear as they stand in a row and bow before Muyan, shrinking their heads, looking pitiful and listless, “We really didn’t know that he’s actually your apprentice.”
    Mainly because the Miss and the Little Master are obviously so valiant.
    But this apprentice is too weak!

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