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Chapter 288: Who are you calling a bastard
    With one hand pressed over his abdomen, he leans his head down so he can see the bloodstains on his shirt from what he coughed up himself.
    Since Her Highness has cultivated him to be a Poison Man, and after he had advanced into the Precelestial realm-
    When has he ever suffered such an insult?
    Jun Muyan, a mere woman, how can she have such great ability…
    Enforcer Li suddenly widens his eyes, shock and astonishment appearing in those pupils.
    He… he remembers.
    It’s that girl, that Jun Muyan.
    The one who accidentally came across his Master and sought for medical treatment, the woman who was ultimately diagnosed to be pregnant.
    But-but how is this possible?!
    The girl who got pregnant out of wedlock, shouldn’t she be dead already?
    That unborn child in her belly, shouldn’t it be already dug out by Princess Qianxue?
    At that time, Princess Qianxue gave Master great benefits for that unborn child.
    Also because of those benefits, Master was able to successfully cultivate a few of them, invincible Poison Men.
    But why is this person still alive and even so powerful?
    The more Enforcer Li thinks about it, the more apprehensive he becomes. Then, his mind unconsciously flits to that exquisite and handsome little face.
     A child that’s only four or five years old, and he can easily deal with a Profound Stage Practitioner.
    He sucks in a mouthful of cold air, his body trembles from extreme excitement, “Don’t tell me, don’t tell me that child is that immortal fetus back then? Right right, the timeline is correct… such talent and bone root, it also adds up. Hahaha… the child with the immortal spirit, as well as it’s mother’s body, if I were to inform Her Highness, she would surely reward me heavily!”
    “Jun Muyan, just wait until you die without a burial place! Your flesh and blood will become our best tonic, and even your son will become an elixir for Master to ascend. Hahaha…”
    Thinking of this, Enforcer Li couldn’t endure it any longer.
    He can’t even deal with his body’s injuries, as he tidies up what he could. He will hurry through the night to reach Jing Cheng Country, and tell this astounding secret to Qian Qing.
    However, Enforcer Li still hasn’t reached the exit-
    The room’s door is unexpectedly, slowly pushed open from the outside.
    Because of the poor lighting out there, Enforcer Li couldn’t clearly see the figure of anyone there.
    He only has an intangible feeling that the air in the surroundings is saturated with a kind of powerful pressure that almost suffocates him.
    “You… who are you?!”
    He could only see that there are two people standing outside, and they are a pair of tall and powerful men.
    Especially the man in front.
    Even if he couldn’t see the other’s face clearly, Enforcer Li could still feel the pressure coming out from him, one that could make all under the heavens surrender.
    “Just now, who did you say will not have a good death?”
    The man’s voice is low, inexplicably seductive and majestic.
    As it enters Enforcer Li’s ear, he doesn’t know why, but his body uncontrollably trembles from the oppression.
    He… he is a mid-level Precelestial ah!
    How can someone in this world still make him tremble?
    “You… are you people from Jun Muyan’s side?”
    Enforcer Li grits his teeth, snarling to show strength in his fear, “What? Are you afraid that I’ve come to know her and her bastard’s identity, so you want to kill and silence me? I’m warning you… you two better not push me too far, or else…”
    Before he could finish his words, a hand clasps around his neck.
    That hand is dry and ice-cold.
    When it arrests his neck, it’s as if a thousand-year-old ice is blocking his windpipe.
    Enforcer Li opens his eyes wide in terror, both his legs are kicking and flailing.
    The man’s chilling voice rings in his ears, “Who are you calling a bastard?”
    “Jun… Jun Muyan… she had illicit relations without the blessing of a matchmaker, giving birth to a child without marriage, if that… isn’t a bastard then what is? To this day, no one knows who that man is!”

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