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Chapter 287: Xiao Bao healing Niangqin
    Muyan takes Xiao Bao back to their room.
    Just as they enter the door, Xiao Bao suddenly plunges into her hug, tightly holding on to her thigh.
    His little head looks up, big blue eyes are wide open, the rims around them are red.
    He doesn’t say a word, but his pink lips are trembling, aggrieved and scared like he’d been tricked.
    Muyan’s heart immediately softens, and she quickly crouches down and takes him into her arms. With an unbelievably soft voice, “Baby, don’t be scared, niangqin only received a very small and minor injury. Just an easy treatment and it’ll be all better. If you don’t believe it, how about you use your Internal Force to check? Nianqin is really not suffering, not even a little bit. I won’t fall ill either.”
    Small hands grasp Muyan’s wrist, the hollow of his palm is cold and damp-
    Ample indication that he was scared and anxious just a moment ago.
    Internal Force rush in to find that Muyan’s injury is really very light. The tensed nerves on his little form immediately relax.
    However, Xiao Bao still clutches on to Muyan’s lapels, burying his faintly trembling form into her embrace.
    His muffled voice is accompanied by complaints and grievances: “Xiao Bao doesn’t want niangqin to be hurt, not even a little.”
    “Okay, niangqin will protect herself in the future.”
    “Xiao Bao will heal niangqin.”
    Muyan quirks her lips up and places Xiao Bao on the edge of the table.
    She lifts up a finger and the Tian Mo Qin appears on the seat.
    Xiao Bao puts his little hands on it. His movements are somewhat clumsy, but his expression is exceptionally serious.
    Along with the sound of music, her dry and parched Qi Sea is slowly revitalized with the sweetness of spring.
    The smile in Muyan’s eyes is brimming with tenderness.
    No matter how many people she has by her side, the first one to discover that there’s something wrong with her body is always Xiao Bao.
    But there’s something that surprised her.
    Even Old Tao didn’t notice it, but Chang Yu did.
    It seems like Chang Yu’s talent is higher than her estimate.
    Then there’s still the one that Deng Hongfeng calls Enforcer Li.
    Muyan slightly narrows her eyes, a cold light flickering within them.
    That person’s Internal Force is filled with a sinister gas that can corrode people’s flesh and blood.
    If she remembers it correctly, that should be the fruit of several decades’ labor from Qian Qing – people who cultivate in poison.
     Hehe, she really didn’t expect that this present would drop by her door so soon.
    The sound of the zither comes to a stop, and Muyan slowly lets out a breath.
    Xiao Bao lifts up his little face to look at Muyan in concern.
    Muyan takes a bottle of draught and drinks it. She then reveals a smile, “Thank you, Xiao Bao, niangqin has already completely recovered.”
    Xiao Bao’s eyes are sparkling, and there’s a small and imperceptible joy in the depths of his eyes.
    Because of his treatment however, he has consumed too much Internal Force. As a result, Xiao Bao quickly gets sleepy.
    That tiny head droops down little by little, along with his dense dark lashes.
    Muyan hugs him dearly and settles him on top the bed. Soon after, she turns around and leaves the room.
    Her figure is like a phantom, silently disappearing into the night.
    “Enforcer Li, you, what happened to you? And Dr. Deng?”
    “Get out of the way–!!”
    The door slams shut, and he could no longer suppress the second mouthful of blood as it suddenly spurts out.
    There’s a fiery haze in his eyes, mouth muttering that name, “Jun Muyan! Jun Muyan!”
    All of a sudden, Enforcer Li’s expression freezes in place, then he slightly wrinkles his brows.
    Wait a second!
    Why does he feel like the name Jun Muyan sounds somewhat familiar?
    Moreover, he’s always felt that the girl’s incomparably enchanting face – he seems to have seen it somewhere before.
    As Enforcer Li is persistently thinking about it, he holds his chest and makes his way by the cupboard, taking out a bottle of draught and pouring it in his mouth.
    The draught works slowly, beginning to repair the damage on his meridians and internal organs.
    It brings pain wherever it passes, making him unable to suppress a groan.

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  2. Xiao Bao is the very physical manifestation of filial piety. It’s heavens blessing to Jun Muyan.
    As for Enforcer Li there is some bloody death awaiting for him alright

    Thx for the double chapter
    /Respectfully cupping fists/


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