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Chapter 283: Alive
    At this moment, do they have no choice but accept the fact – that the one who disposed of those people just now is actually this child?
    Unexpectedly, a four or five year old child has easily knocked down those dozen strong men with their high cultivation?
    This… where did this monster come from?
    “Ugh… gkh–! Cough, cough, cough–!!”
    Just as everyone is completely quiet from the shock, they hear a violent coughing from the floor.
    Everyone’s sight stiffly shift over to look.
    Soon after, they’re completely struck dumb!
    Heavens!! What are they seeing?!
    That middle aged man actually, actually, has really come back to life!
    The entire medical center falls into a deathly silence.
    Soon after, they hear the middle-aged man cough once again as he slowly sits up.
    Those eyes, still cloudy and red from bloody tears, dart over and squarely meet that beautiful woman’s gaze.
    A terrified screech rips through the sky, and the beautiful woman who was pitifully crying just a moment ago – now has her ass plop down to the floor from fright. She looks deathly pale, and her whole body is trembling like a sieve.
    “Ghost–! Ghost–!! Don’t come over, don’t come over! Aaaah– I didn’t mean to kill you, don’t come to me!”
    Apparently, the middle-aged man still hasn’t come to his senses, as his first reaction when he sees the beautiful woman is to cry out: “Jin’e? What’s going on with you?”
    Unexpectedly, the woman fearfully trembles even more instead.
    At this time, the other people in the establishment also start to react.
    “He came back to life! He really came back to life!”
    “God! As it turns out, the enchantress really has the capability to make someone rise up from the dead!”
    “This is the first time that I’ve seen such miraculous medical skills!”
    “The Enchantress really deserves to be called the number one Godly Doctor in Tianyuan City!”
    “What Tianyuan City, such miraculous skills on medicine is simply unprecedented, it has never appeared before – it should be the first in Yanwu Continent!!”
    All those discussing voices makes Deng Hongfeng’s originally smug expression suddenly freeze in place.
    He looks at the middle-aged man who is already getting up from the floor, then he turns to look at Muyan who is directing a smile that isn’t a smile towards Deng Hongfeng. One can say that his complexion is just getting extremely ugly.
    Muyan claps her hand, drawling: “Dr. Deng, didn’t you just say that the ‘enchantress is only at this level’? May I ask, what level would that be?”
    As she says that, her left hand makes a fist, and she softly strikes her right hand’s palm with it. With a lazy smile, “In fact, I would actually want to ask Dr. Deng,  what level of medical skills would a doctor have when he’s unable to tell if a person is dead or alive?”
    “Pft!” someone can’t help but laugh.
    Deng Hongfeng can’t bear it anymore, and he bellows: “Jun Muyan, don’t go too far! Don’t forget that I am a senior doctor of Xuan Medical Pavilion, how can a woman like you possibly censure!”
    “Hehe, a senior doctor from Xuan Medical Pavilion can’t even determine if a person is dead or alive. It seems that the examination for rating doctors issued by the Xuan Medical Pavilion doesn’t have any credibility!”
    When these words come out, the medical center goes quiet for a moment-
    Then it erupts into a series of low whispers.
    Deng Hongfeng’s complexion becomes more and more unsightly.
    That’s because, from the crowd’s discussion, he’s really hearing comments such as: “It seems like Xuan Medical Pavilion is unfair indeed”, “In reality, the Godly Doctor Qian Qing doesn’t have such miraculous skills like that of the Enchantress’”, “Remember Dr. Fang from back then? It’s because he opposed Xuan Medical Pavilion’s tyranny that the whole family was ruined…”
    In addition to the crazy resentment, there’s even a faint sense of panic rising up in his heart.
    Master had made him come here so he could expand the influence of Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    However, because of the emergence of this woman, Jun Muyan, the situation is getting worse and worse.

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