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Chapter 282: This Group of Straw Bags
    Deputy General Lu was originally in the middle of dazedly looking at Muyan, his soul stolen.
    But as soon as he hears that beautiful woman’s cries, he abruptly comes back to himself.
    He is jolted under Deng Hongfeng’s sinister gaze. Shuddering, he resumes his fierce demeanor, “Well, it’s already an established fact that your Junji Medical Center’s quacks has harmed people, treating human life as grass. It’s useless no matter how you quibble. You better obediently come with me! Someone come and…”
    Deputy General Lu’s words stir up the atmosphere.
    However, it’s as if Muyan simply hasn’t heard anything at all.
    She calmly passes through the city guards like she’s taking a leisurely stroll in her courtyard, gradually making her way in front of that middle-aged man.
    “Smelly girl, I’m talking to you, didn’t you hear me?”
    Being ignored like this, Deputy General Lu immediately flies into rage out of humiliation.
    Like a palm-leaf fan, his wide palms reaches out towards Muyan’s shoulder, so he could firmly grab it.
    However, without waiting for Deputy General Lu’s hand to reach Muyan-
    Xiao Bao expressionlessly lifts up his own free hand, and pushes it out.
    There’s a loud sound, and before anyone could react-
    Deputy General Lu is already flying straight out. He crashes against a pillar, and suddenly spurts out a mouthful of blood.
    Everyone is startled by this sudden turn of events, and only then are they able to come back to their senses.
    Just now, nobody was even able to see it clearly in that split second. Who’s hand was it in the end?
    And at this moment, Muyan has already arrived before that “dead” man.
    She reaches out to gently stroke Xiao Bao’s head, “Stand guard for niangqin. You mustn’t let anyone get near before I could cure this person.”
    Xiao Bao’s little face goes taut, and he nods in deadly earnest.
    After she finishes instructing Xiao Bao, Muyan once again ignores everyone else and takes out silver needles, then she single-mindedly inserts one into a major acupoint in the man’s head.
    Everyone in the medical center looks at each other, all of them are somewhat flabbergasted.
    “Don’t… don’t tell me a dead person can really be brought back to life still? Could it be that the man is really not dead?”
    “How is that possible? Just a moment ago, you also went over to check his breathing. There was no reaction at all, and his corpse is cold… how could she possibly still save his life?”
    “But don’t forget, that’s the enchantress that could wrestle a life out of the king of hell’s hands!”
    “That’s right, that woman with the intestinal blockage from a few days ago, didn’t all the doctors in Tianyuan say that it was incurable? But against reason, when the enchantress handled it, it only took her a day to get rid of the illness!”
    Listening to everyone’s tongues’ wagging, Deng Hongfeng’s expression becomes more and more unsightly.
    He knows perfectly well that it’s impossible for that man to live.
    But for some reason, his chest wells up with a bad premonition.
    His harsh gaze sweeps over to Deputy General Lu who had just gotten up.
    The latter presses a hand against the faint ache on his abdomen. He clenches his teeth and waves a hand, “Capture her! Anyone in the Junji Medical Center who dares to resist will be killed without exemption!”
    As soon as this statement comes out, the patients in the medical center simultaneously reveal frightened expressions.
    They cry out and hide in the corners.
    But strangely enough, apart from those few attending doctors, each and every person in the Junji Medical Center are calm and unperturbed, without the least bit of intention to intervene.
    Old Tao glances at Xiao Bao who is guarding in front of Muyan, and he can’t help but disdainfully roll his eyes.
    With just this group of straw bags, they want to get advantages from the little Master’s hands?
    Hehe… they’d be lucky if they don’t die too miserably!
    This thought has just crossed Old Tao’s mind,
    then they hear some crashing sounds.
    Those dozen or so city guards, each of them are thrown out like sacks.
    That Deputy General Lu even coughs out blood once again, and this time, he wouldn’t be able to get up for quite a while.
    All the onlookers open their eyes wide in astonishment, staring at Xiao Bao like they’re looking at a monster.

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  1. thank you for update.

    Xiao Bao is so powerful. Can anyone really doubt that Muyan can bring the person back from the dead? I am sure she will say that this person has been deliberately poison. I cannot wait for the tables to turn on Deng Hongfeng.


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