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Chapter 279: A treatment that kills
    “But why is it that after you treated him, my husband has become like this?”
    Dr. Yu is also somewhat alarmed, so he quickly gets up from his station, and goes to crouch by that middle-aged man’s side.
    But without waiting for Dr. Yu’s trembling hand to take his pulse,
    The middle-aged man’s whole body spasms, and in a split second, his eyes roll over to white.
    “Husband–!!” the beautiful woman screams once again, then she reaches out to feel her husband’s breath, only to discover that it’s already completely gone, “He’s dead! He’s dead! My husband is dead! Wuu, wuu… husband, how can you leave me like this?”
    Dr. Yu’s hand still holds the middle-aged man’s wrist.
    Feeling that deathly stillness as there’s no throbbing of a pulse, his complexion also becomes deathly pale.
    This man is actually… actually dead!
    “How… how is this possible? I undoubtedly examined his pulse and he didn’t have any problems! How can this be?”
    “It’s you! You killed him!” the beautiful woman suddenly jumps up from the ground, and recklessly grabs Dr. Yu by the collar. Loudly shouting, “You quack, give me back my husband’s life!”
    Although Dr. Yu practices medicine, his cultivation is still lower than the woman, and he simply can’t break away as she drags him.
    He can only be flustered and cry out, “Impossible! Really impossible… definitely impossible…”
    But how could the beautiful woman care about what he’s saying, as she drags him to the doorway and begins to tear her throat shouting,
    “Everyone, come over here, quickly come over here! Junji Medical Center’s doctor killed someone but refuses to admit it.”
    “What Enchantress that could raise people from the dead, in reality, all of them are quacks. My husband only had light injuries, but after he received treatment from a doctor here, he was put to death instead.”
    This development startles everyone inside and out the medical center.
    Seeing Dr. Yu getting dragged, the Ink Camp’s people quickly rush over to his rescue, as they’re in charge of the place’s security these days.
    The Ink Camp with their sweaty rough hands and feet,
    don’t exert a lot of force in their movements, but nevertheless, that beautiful woman stumbles to the floor.
    Soon after, she conveniently lets out a world-shakingly loud bawling, “Is there still any laws in this Tianyuan City?”
    “Junji Medical Center’s treatment killed someone, and they still want to kill me to silence a widow?”
    “Everyone, quickly come and judge between right and wrong for me! This so-called Enchantress of Medicine can kill people like scything grass, carelessly inflicting harm?”
    This woman is quite beautiful.
    Even if she’s weeping and making an unreasonable scene like this, she still appears pitiful.
    Then on top of that, someone goes to check that middle-aged man lying on the floor.
    Sure enough, he’s not breathing, the body feels cold, and it’s very evident that he’s already dead.
    At this time, the onlookers and the sick people looking for treatment in the Junji Medical Center immediately point their finger in blame at the Ink Camp’s people and Dr. Yu.
    “I saw that man just a while ago. His injury clearly wasn’t so serious, who would have imagined that he would die after just a blink of an eye!”
    “It’s surely because the treatment from the Junji Medical Center was harmful, killing someone.”
    “Ah, this place actually has such a quack doctor, I think we better not go here. If I had a minor illness, what would I do if they make me fall ill by just rubbing ointment on my chest?”
    Those big men from the Ink Camp feel unbearably wronged.
    They’re itching to go over that woman and tear her into pieces.
    They clearly didn’t touch her or anything, and she actually said that they want to kill and silence her?
    If they really want to kill someone, would they still let her talk here?
    Old Tao immediately tries to keep the situation under control, and promptly has someone go to the back and inform Muyan.
    At the same time, he whispers to Dr. Yu, “What exactly is going on?”

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  2. Thank you for the update. Now I just want to see how Deng Hongfeng is going to hang himself. Muyan would not have done anything if you did not make the first step.


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