EMHS – ch275

Chapter 275: Niangqin, let’s go home

    The man with the short stubble is trembling from head to foot, his eyes are filled with panic an fear.

    Indeed, he knows more than anyone just how powerful this woman is!

    After Deng Hongfeng’s face has been slapped in front of everybody, how could he be willing to take things lying down?

    He even went to a mercenary guild straightaway, and spent money to hire a lot of them to get rid of this woman.

     However, no matter how much he spends, or how many mercenaries they dispatch – it was all like throwing a stone and seeing it sink without a trace in the sea.

    If alive, the people have disappeared; dead, the corpses are missing!

    That’s because Jun Muyan has a very frightening group of subordinates at her side.

    Every individual has a very high cultivation. Combined together, they could even sweep across Tianyuan City.

    Don’t even talk about teaching Muyan a lesson, the mercenaries sent out by Deng Hongfeng couldn’t even get close to her.

    This is also the reason why Deng Hongfeng wants Zhao Chunming to step in and use Fang Jingya to lure Shen Jinglin out.

    As long as they get a hold of Shen Jinglin, they’re not worried that Jun Muyan, this little sister, wouldn’t obediently give in.

    However, their wishful thinking has still been cut short.

    This woman doesn’t just have a group of experts on her side.

    She herself is a master that is strong enough to make them them shudder!

    “You… don’t you mess around!” the man with the thin stubble has his voice trembling, he growls to show strength while feeling weak, “If you kill us, you… that would be the same as you thoroughly offending Dr. Deng. Do you know what Dr. Deng’s backing is? His master is Qian Qing… don’t you know the Godly Doctor Qian Qing? He is the Jing Cheng Country’s state doctor, even Princess Gong Qianxue views him as a guest…”


    Before the man could finish what he’s saying, a heart-tearing and lung-splitting pain abruptly courses through him, making him produce a shrill, wretched bawl.

    Immediately after that, his own hand incessantly digs into his flesh, like he has gone mad.

    Then he can’t help but hold his own head and ram it against the ground.

    When the meat on his face is minced off until it reveals ghastly bones, he still refuses to stop for a rest.

    The corners of Muyan’s mouth are still slightly curled up.

    However, not the slightest bit of that smile reaches her eyes.

    Her beautiful peach blossom eyes has a bone-piercing chill that spans a thousand miles: “Is that so? I’m really looking forward to thoroughly offending Qian Qing’s apprentice, just to see how it ends.”

    As soon as her voice falls, there’s a thrumming sound of a zither. The notes turn into blades, sending out a multitude of rays.

    In a blink of an eye, the sound blades have already cut through all the throats of the killers on the stage.

    One strike and die a violent death!

    The whole audience keeps quiet out of fear. You would be able to hear it if a needle were to drop.

    Even Shen Jinglin is dazed.

    He already knew that his little sister is formidable, but he also didn’t expect that it would be to this degree.

    Furthermore, for some reason, that ice-cold breath coming from his sister-

    It’s making even him feel a sense of fear.

    It’s at this moment that that a crisp little voice rings out, “Niangqin, let’s go home!’

    A fair and tender little hand holds on to Muyan’s slender white finger, gently squeezing it.

    Muyan looks down to Xiao Bao’s delicate and handsome little face.

    The ice-blue irises are like the distant clear skies, boundless, encompassing everything in the world.

    Her mouth can’t help but draw a gentle smile.

    In an instant, the icy chill from her entire body disappears without a trace. She bends down and picks Xiao Bao up.

    The gentle voice is like the sounds of nature as it echoes in Shen Jinglin and Xiao Bao’s ears, “Mn, let’s go home!”


    Night, Junji Medical Center.

    Under the light, Muyan examines the scars covering the weak woman’s body. She can’t help but frown deeply.

    Even if she had seen all sorts of patients, and she had also been subjected to various kinds of torment in her previous life,

    The injuries on Fang Jingya’s body could still shock her eyes and astonish her heart.

    Don’t even mention those purple whip lashes, bruises and burns-

5 thoughts on “EMHS – ch275

  1. You can offend the Heavens and Earth, but you can never offend Jun Muyan.
    A lesson which must be learned by Deng Hongfeng and manny others.

    Thx for the chapter
    /Respectfully cupping fists/

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  2. But sadly they will never learn!😑😐 Tomorow or next tike some stupid cannon fodder😒 will come and provoque her again just to die in vain! Sign 😑😞 ! And the cycle will continue Hahaha 😂 thx for the chap

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