EMHS – ch272

Chapter 272: This is retribution

    No matter what language, they’re completely rendered incapable of expressing their astonishment.

    A man with withered meridians, destroyed Qi Sea, and a crippled leg – he has actually recovered after a year.

    More than that, not only has he recovered, his cultivation has even advanced. 

    How did this come about?

    And who healed him?!

    With his leg, Shen Jinglin mercilessly stomps on Zhao Chunming’s chest, like wants to just trample the latter’s internal organs: “Zhao Chunming, one who forgets favors and violates justice like you, a bastard with the heart of a wolf and the lungs of a dog, you simply don’t deserve to live in this world.”

    “Did you forget, at that time when you suffered some injuries in the forest during our travels, who looked after you day and night? It was Fang Jingya!”

    “Did you forget, you used to circle around Fang Jingya every day, showing off and fawning for favor, even pointing to the heavens as you swore under the sun – saying that if you marry her, you will surely treat her well!”

    Fang Jingya’s eyes become teary, and as she dazedly watches Shen Jinglin’s deity-like image, her tears couldn’t help but slip out the rims of her eyes.

    Zhao Chunming spasms all over because of the pain, tears and snot flowing down his face, “Jinglin-brother, I was wrong, wuu wuu… spare me, spare me! I was blinded by pig grease*… I’m begging you to spare my life! ”

  • deluded mind

    Just at this moment, a group of people suddenly appears from who-knows-where.

    They loudly jump up to the platform.

    These people have coldly glinting weapons in their hands.

    Formidable pressure and killing intent leaks out from each individual, making everyone standing under the platform feel a burst of terror.

    Shen Jinglin raises his head to look at this group: “Who are you?”

    “Hehe, who we are is none of Shen-dashao’s concern!”

    Their leader laughs grimly, “Still, we’d like to invite Shen-dashao to come with us!”

    As soon as Zhao Chunming sees these group, the expression of begging for forgiveness immediately changes. With a distorted face, he fearlessly yells: “Shen Jinglin, my godfather is coming, if you still don’t hurry up and let me go… cough cough… even if your cultivation has recovered, so what? Could you deal with this many people all by yourself?”

    “Godfather?” Shen Jinglin frowns.

    “That’s right… do you know who my godfather is?”

    Because of the pain, Zhao Chunming coughs quite a few times, but his face is covered in crazed resentment, “My godfather is the great elder Xuan Medical Pavilion, Deng Hongfeng. He is also a disciple of the Godly Doctor Qian Qing…”

    “You and your sister, you’ve offended my godfather… cough cough… you’re screwed… ha… haha… argh!!”

    Before he could finish laughing, he suddenly lets out a brief shriek.

    Immediately after that, Zhao Chunming’s face bursts out with blood.

    In a just a moment, his tongue is severed, his ears are cut off, and his eyes have turned into a pair of bloody sockets.

    Even both of his hands are also chopped down directly. His fingers are still twitching at the side as they pale to green and deathly grey.

    “Useless trash!”

    The group’s leader snorts. He withdraws his blade, and speaks with a voice overflowing with disdain, “You can’t even properly handle this very small matter, what’s the use of keeping you?”

    Zhao Chunming originally thought that Deng Hongfeng sent these people to save him.

    But how could he have expected that they will ultimately destroy him completely, when he had tired to every means possible to curry favor from his godfather’s subordinates.

    From now on, he will live worse than a dog or a pig, but he can’t die, nor can he live.

    This is retribution!

    As everyone in the audience is overwhelmed with shock, nobody goes to take care of him.

    All eyes are gathered on Shen Jinglin.

    “Shen-dashao, if you please!”

    Shen Jinglin coldly looks at the people surrounding him.

    Each one of them have at least high-level Profound Stage cultivation.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter
    I can that big and loud face slapping
    I feel sorry for these idiot
    Most real monster are humble because they understand that they are more stronger people outside then them

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  3. thank you for the update.

    Zhao Chunming received his payback for what his greed has sow.

    Deng Hongfeng thinks he is so great. He really underestimates Muyan. I guess he needs to get another face slapping which he cannot hide from the world.


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