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Chapter 266: Ruining Hongfu Medical Center

    In sharp contrast to the flourishing Junji Medical Center,

    there are fewer and fewer people in Hongfu Medical Center. There’s now only a very small number people in such a large medical establishment, where it was once crowded.

    No matter how low the price for medical treatment is reduced,

    The people coming over are getting fewer with each day.

    There’s only one reason–

    It’s because there’s a big bulletin board hanging at the entrance of the Junji Medical Center.

    It reads:

    This medical establishment only receives two kinds of patients: one, those that the Hongfu Medical Center couldn’t cure; two, those that would no longer visit the Hongfu Medical Center from here on out. The Junji Medical Center will never receive any violators!

    At first glance, this announcement doesn’t matter. Thinking it over however, it wants to bury the Hongfu Medical Center whole.

    If the patients don’t go to the Hongfu Medical Center, do they have other alternatives?

    Of course they do!

    That’s because medical establishments are what Tianyuan City has the most of.

    Even if none are as big as the Hongfu Medical Center, there are still a lot of excellent doctors in those other places.

    Moreover, their fees are still cheaper than the Hongfu Medical Center.

    Now, in the whole Tianyuan City, even in the entire Chi Yan Country, is there anywhere that could replace the Junji Medical Center?


    Not single one!

    That’s because Jun Muyan’s medical expertise is too outstanding.

    Only she has the miraculous skills to bring the dead back to life.

    Only she can wrestle a life out of the king of hell’s hands.

    Even if those patients don’t have an incurable illness today, who can guarantee that they won’t have it in the future?

    Even if they themselves won’t be afflicted with it, who can guarantee that their family members won’t fall ill in the future?

    Can’t go to the Hongfu Medical Center?

    What about it, just switch to another establishment!

    And they wouldn’t cut the bridge to the renowned “Enchantress”.

    As a result, the families are happy.

    And one can say that the businesses of the other medical establishments in Tianyuan are steadily rising, they’re so happy that they’re grinning from ear to ear.

    The only one that’s out of luck is the Hongfu Medical Center.

    Inside and out of such a big medical establishment, there’s not even the buzzing of flies!


    When Deng Hongfeng receives the report from the manager, his face becomes so gloomy, it could almost drip water.

    His sharp voice can practically pierce the eardrums, “Say it to me one more time!!”

    The manager trembles with fear, cold sweat oozing out of his forehead, “Dr. Deng, this… this is really not our fault ah! It’s that the Junji Medical Center is really going too far, and that… that Jun Muyan, her medical skills are really too frightening. The doctors that we have, no one… no one can compare with her…”

    As a matter of fact, what the manager really wants to say is:

    Even if they bundle together all the doctors of their Hongfu Medical Center, they won’t be better than even the smallest fraction of Muyan.

    Has anyone heard of an intestinal blockage that could be completely healed in one day?

    Have they heard of people that had their hearts stop beating, yet still be resuscitated?

    Has anyone heard of a patient that was on his dying breath because of a festered wound, that could still be made to leap and frisk about like before?

    This ‘Enchantress’ Jun Muyan, is she really a person?

    Can a person’s medical skills really rise up to this level?

    “Jun Muyan! Jun Muyan! It’s this wretched slut again!!”

    Deng Hongfeng tightly clenches his fists, teeth creaking as he grinds them. The bitter resentment in his eyes is almost bursting with fire.

    “Call that waste Zhao Chunming for me!!”

    It doesn’t take long before Zhao Chunming comes through the door, a fawning smile on his face, “Godfather, you were looking for me…”

    He still hasn’t finished his words.

    Deng Hongfeng raises a foot and ruthlessly kicks the other’s chest, “Waste, didn’t you say that you can make that slut Jun Muyan have a life that’s worse than death? It’s been so many days, you trash, have you done anything at all?!”

    Zhao Chunming tumbles to ground because of that kick, his chest hurts so much that he almost screams out loud.

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  2. I dont’t get it. Why would people stop going to Hongfu medical centre. People can just keep on going there and once an incurable condition arrives, simply go to Jun Muyan as one of her conditions is what Hongfu can’t cure


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