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Chapter 258: Woman Without Conscience
    Muyan has a helpless smile, “Brother, how many times have you asked this question already? I promised that I can cure it, moreover, I promise that it will be cured within seven days at most. After seven days, not only would your leg be better, your cultivation would also recover.”
    Shen Jinglin is dazed and absent-minded as he walks out.
    Because he’s too worked up, he even forgets to put his clothes back on or even carry them out.
    Muyan shakes her head, taking her brother’s clothes and sets them aside. She then washes her face, rinses her mouth, and goes to bed.
    Gently gathering the sleeping Xiao Bao into her arms, Muyan slowly sinks into a peaceful sleep.
    It’s incredibly quiet inside the room.
    Smoke from the incense rise up in spirals and linger within the atmosphere.
    It’s indeed a special blend of perfume from fragrant fruits and flowers. Burning it in the air would have the effect of getting a more peaceful sleep.
    It could also make people have a happy and contented mood.
    As she’s sleeping, Muyan shows a shallow smile.
    She doesn’t notice that at this moment, a tall and outstanding figure suddenly appears inside the room.
    The moonlight outside the window shines through the thin screen, falling on the man’s face.
    Even in such a dark night, one could still make out how peerlessly beautiful the man’s appearance is. Just like a deity from the Ninth Heaven, set up on high, incomparably magnificent, letting people have a strong desire to crawl under his feet and sing vows of servitude.
    In that dark night, the man’s gaze falls upon the sleeping woman on the bed.
    Thin lips are tightly pursed up, a cold and penetrating light in his eyes. However, there’s a faint burst of flame that’s just about to burn down everything before him.
    This wretched woman without conscience!
    She could actually still get some sleep!
    Being in a room with another man, pulling and tugging to undress him!
    Di Ming Jue steps forward, his figure seems to move in a flash, and he has already arrived by the bedside.
    He bends his head down to look at the woman that he hasn’t seen for a long time. He really mustn’t strangle her!
    His straight back slightly bends down, and slender hands cover the young woman’s thin shoulders, wanting to make her turn to face him.
    However, before Di Ming Jue’s hand could move,
    In Muyan’s embrace, Xiao Bao seems to have sensed something and he suddenly opens his eyes.
    It’s just, he still couldn’t clearly see who’s in front of him.
    Di Ming Jue waves a hand.
    He sends out a peculiar energy, and Xiao Bao only feel drowsy, his eyelids growing heavy.
    Then he slowly closes his eyes and goes back to sleep.
    Di Ming Jue lets out a cold ‘humph’.
    He peels off the small child that wouldn’t let go of Muyan’s clothes, picking him up by the collar and throwing him to the edge of the bed.
    The next moment, he already has the woman’s soft and warm body gathered within his embrace.
    A moment ago, Di Ming Jue was still itching to throttle Muyan – all troubles solved once the main problem is dealt with.
    Especially during these past three days when he was secretly watching this no-conscience woman.
    She’s not even a little bit unhappy when he left – on the contrary, she’s even sticking close to other men, cheerful and lively.
    Too excessively happy!
    Di Ming Jue’s lungs were really about to burst with rage at that time.
    Even if that man is Muyan’s biological brother, it’s unacceptable – what’s more, they’re not even related by blood!
    However, for the person that he has been yearning for day and night, to be in his his arms-
    Seeing her beautiful face, quiet and contented in her sleep; indulging in her unique fragrance-
    Di Ming Jue’s heart becomes mushy, a total mess.
    It’s only at this moment that he realizes just how much he has missed this little woman.
    It’s only at this moment that he becomes a hundred percent certain.
    Jun Muyan belongs to him!
    In this life, he absolutely won’t let this woman escape!
    The hands holding Muyan slowly tighten up, as if hating that he can’t rub her into his bones.
    The sleeping person seems to finally feel the suffocating pressure, her eyes fluttering.
    A dazed gaze absentmindedly rests on the man’s face, unfocused.

10 thoughts on “EMHS – ch258

  1. This is just a rant about the useless ML, feel free to ignore. I like these kind of stories, but often the ML ruins it for me.

    /sigh The ML came back. Time for more “She is mine. You are her son, f off for me. Brother? Don’t care. Gotta lock her up in my bedroom and let her see no one and no one but me is allowed to see her. Won’t tell her any of this, I’ll just do it. She will understand. Because I am a super emotionally clumsy, domineering lord and all must understand my action without fail.” The part I hate the most is how he basically casts her son aside. Wanna win the girl? Messing with the thing/person she loves the most is not gonna help you.


    • Yeah, the MLs are almost always terrible people. This one is a straight up psychopath. He’s abusive, stalker-ish ,overbearing, domineering, controlling, a sexual predator, a horrible parent and role model and this novel spends far too much time on him. I’ve said it before but, I fully believe this is “conditioning” placed in Chinese novels for the female audience to “learn their place”. No sain woman, not even Chinese, would NATURALLY find this man appealing. But, with excessive conditioning since childhood, who knows. The novel needs to get away from him and refocus back on her. What I find most appalling in these novels is that, like her, no matter how strong of a mentality she has or whether she was a vicious assassin(just an example) or some other strong willed and independant individual in her past life, they ALL eventually break down and succumb to the scumbag’s “charms”(those charms are those same disgusting attributes listed above). If it isnt conditioning then it is even more ridiculous. There are several novels out there where the ML is abusive, domineering and even a psychopath, but, the difference is they dont turn that personality on to their loved ones. Those are actually enjoyable characters and we root for them. But this guy…he needs to die. Viciously.


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