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Chapter 257: Take off your clothes
    In an instant, Muyan’s heart seems to be soaked in honey. It’s soft, it’s sweet.
    Her eyes get moist and hot, making them somewhat blurry.
    She gently picks up her most cherished baby, kissing his pink cheeks that seem to be pouting because he’s asleep. Muyan leaves the space as she’s carrying her baby.
    She has been focusing her entire heart and soul on Xiao Bao, so she didn’t notice it.
    That the lazy rabbit that seems to be always sleeping inside the space, it’s awake at this moment.
    And its pair of mung bean eyes are wide open, looking at her like it’s watching a rare monster.
     It’s only after her figure has disappeared does it yawn, lie back down to the ground, and fall asleep.
    “Yanyan, you haven’t eaten dinner yet, right?”
    Going outside, Muyan finds that the skies have already gone dark.
    And it’s just in time for Shen Jinglin to push the door open, coming in with some food in his hands.
    Muyan acts quickly and silently, carefully placing the baby in her arms down on the bed. Then, she gets up and walks out of the room.
    “I was just cultivating and I forgot the time. I’m really hungry now. Thank you, big brother.”
    Muyan smiles and sits by the table.
    Although there’s some fresh food inside the space, Muyan had been cultivating for four hours, not even drinking any water.
    Now, she’s tempted by the smell of the food that Shen Jinglin has brought, making her really hungry.
    Muyan eats while Shen Jinglin watches her with a soft smile on his face.
    Once she’s done eating, he moves to leave with the bowl and chopsticks.
    “Brother, wait a minute.” Muyan calls out to stop him, “First, don’t be in such a hurry to leave. Take off your clothes, let me take a look.”
    After Muyan says this, Shen Jinglin’s whole face immediately goes red.
    His voice is even stuttering as he says, “Yan… Yanyan, even we’re brother and sister, still… i mean, you’re a girl, how can you just make a man undress… moreover, we… we’re not related by blood… this is… this is not right…”
    “Pfft–!” Muyan suddenly puffs out a laugh, “Brother, you’re letting your imagination run wild or something? I want to take a look at the condition of your injuries, okay?”
    Hearing that, Shen Jinglin sighs in relief.
    But his face is still bright red, like cooked shrimp.
    He removes his outer garment with an embarrassed face, hesitating to take more off for the treatment.
    Without knowing why, he suddenly feels a burst of chill all over his body.
    As if there’s a cold, sharp blade that wants to shred his body into thousands of pieces, chop him again and again.
    “That’s enough.” at this time, fortunately, Muyan opens her mouth to give him a great mercy, “Brother, sit in front of me.”
    Shen Jinglin quickly sits down.
    Muyan examines his injured leg first.
    A day after obtaining the Dragon Bone Grass and the Smelted Marrow Flower, Muyan operated on Shen Jinglin’s leg.
    Thanks to the assistance of draughts, the surgical wounds healed very quickly. In just three days’ time, it has already formed a scab.
    Under the care of the Tian Mo Qin’s “Echo Recovery”, the damaged Qi Sea is also slowly recovering.
    Muyan nonchalantly opens Shen Jinglin’s clothes.
    Through the thin cover of the scarred skin, she examines the condition of the meridians that are connected to the Qi Sea.
    The meridians are still atrophied, but they’re no longer so frail that any little bit of Internal Force would cause them damage.
    The corners of Muyan’s mouth curl up into a shallow smile, “Alright, tomorrow, you can begin soaking in the Philter for Replacing the Marrow and Washing the Tendons.”
    Shen Jinglin still has a red face at first, not even knowing where place his hands.
    Hearing Muyan’s words, he snaps his head up, revealing an expression of pleasant surprise, “Yanyan, you mean, my… my injury can really be cured?”

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  2. Oh seems it’s hubby that’s got the chilly gaze, also that bunny looked at her as if shes a monster lol. Still she needs to cultivate more, always a problem with the fm cultivators, don’t stick to it as much as they should


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