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Chapter 250: Not even a blade of grass grows
    “All of you shut up for me!” Deng Hongfeng points at Zhang Mingkun and the others, his eyes are filled with fierceness, “Lao zi* said that she is disqualified, so she is disqualified! Do you people have any say in Xuan Medical Pavilion?”
  • I, your father – an arrogant way to address oneself.
    After he says that, he ferociously glares at Muyan, “Still not hurrying up to get lost?!”
    Muyan completely ignores him, and instead, without consulting anyone, she moves two steps forward until she could stand in front of that ninth patient.
    The ninth patient is a middle-aged man with a simple and honest appearance.
    He has a head of thick black hair, with a thin yellow beard and eyebrows that are very unkempt.
    Seeing the young lady coming over, beautiful like a fairy from a painting, the middle-aged man nervously twists his hand to fix his clothes.
    He has a helpless and tensed face.
    Muyan has a faint smile, her expression is indescribably soft and gentle, “Uncle, can I ask you a few questions?”
    That relaxing euphonious voice is like feathers softly dispersing the tenseness and insecurity around him.
    The middle-aged man unconsciously loosens his nerves, but he still talks with a stutter: “You… can ask away.”
    “Are you… wearing a wig?”
    Hearing her question, the middle-aged man immediately widens his eyes, “You, how did you know?”
    After he says this, the man’s face turns red all of a sudden, and the expression of unease turns into panic and embarrassment.
    If only there’s a hole around, he would really like to burrow his head into it right now.
    Muyan’s expression becomes even gentler, completely devoid of any ridicule, “If I say that I can cure your illness, and ensure that there won’t be a relapse in the future, would you be willing to take your wig off?”
    “You… is that true?!” the middle-aged man produces a voice that’s almost high-pitched, “Can you really cure my illness?”
    Muyan’s lips quirk up, smiling lazily as she sends a sideways glance, “What? Don’t you believe me?”
    Believe! Of course, believe!
    A burning light flashes through the middle-aged man’s eyes.
    Just a moment ago, the ten of them had seen and understood Muyan’s abilities.
    If it’s anyone else who said that they can cure the illness he’s been hiding, the man might still have some reservations.
    But since it’s coming from this girl in front of him, for some reason, he has a firm faith, without any doubts.
    He slowly nods his head, resolute and decisive as he says: “I believe you!”
    Saying that, he lifts his hand and slowly touches the hair on his head.
    On the other side, the examiners are baffled.
    What is Jun Muyan and the ninth patient talking about?
    Wig? What does that have to do with the assessment?
    Deng Hongfeng doubles down on his unpleasantness and verbal abuse: “Little slut, what are you doing? Didn’t you hear me telling you to get lost? Don’t think that you could pass just by stalling for time…”
    Before he could finish his words,
    he sees that the ninth patient is already talking the wig off of his head.
    Soon after, they get to see that the hair remaining on the man’s head is only a few tufts.
    And the rest is a bright scalp where not even a blade of grass grows.
    Yet the most alarming part would be the several red and swollen pustules on his scalp.
    Seeing it this way after he took the wig off, it’s really very disconcerting.
    The entire examination room suddenly goes completely silent.
    The finger that Deng Hongfeng is using to point at Muyan is frozen in place.
    He looks straight at the middle-aged man’s scalp, and it’s only after a long while that he could come back to himself.
    One after another, the other examiners are leaping up from their seats to walk towards the middle-aged man.
    “This, this is Ghost Thorn?!”
    Ghost Thorn is a very rare disease.
    At the stage before it fully flares-up, it wouldn’t necessarily be discovered even by taking the pulse.
     And the Ghost Thorn on the middle-aged man has obviously flared-up just recently, just the initial symptoms.
    Without seeing this skin disease on his head, they probably still wouldn’t dare to believe it.

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