EMHS – ch249

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Chapter 249: Failed? 
    And Deng Hongfeng, from his initial disdain, it slowly turns into utter frustration.
    He couldn’t believe it, a person, without the need to take a pulse,
    Could make a diagnosis by just looking from a distance.
    If the girl before his eyes truly has such skill, wouldn’t it mean that she is a thousand times better than his Master?
    How is this possible?!
    Muyan slowly walks to the ninth person, her pink lips slightly open, “This person is sick.”
    Hearing those words, Deng Hongfeng’s eyes brighten, and he immediately leaps up from his chair.
    “Hahah, you’re wrong! This assessment is over, you’ve already failed! Hurry and get out of Xuan Medical Pavilion!”
    When they heard Muyan say “This person is sick”, the examiners, except for Deng Hongfeng, all of them show a lot of disappointment.
    Just missed by a little bit!
    Really just a little bit more, and this young lady would have succeeded!
    She would have then become the first Senior Doctor that passed the examination in Tianyuan City.
    She would also be the youngest Senior Doctor since the establishment of Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    That would have been a miracle!
    But what a pity, that in the second to the last one, she gave the wrong answer.
    That’s because this ninth person, several of them had diagnosed him together and determined that he doesn’t have any illness.
    Deng Hongfeng only feels proud and elated at this moment, unspeakably happy.
    He sends Muyan a sideways glance, those hawk-like eyes are filled with malicious intentions.
    “What are you still dawdling here for? The assessment is over, you’ve already failed! For the next three years, you’re not allowed to retake the Xuan Medical Pavilion’s exam.”
    This is another provision in Xuan Medical Pavilion. Fail the Primary Doctor’s assessment, you cannot retake it for a year; fail the Intermediate Doctor’s assessment, and the ban is two years; and if you fail the Senior Doctor’s assessment, there would be three whole years where you cannot re-apply.
    Therefore, under normal circumstances, very few people would come and take the Xuan Medical Pavilion’s Doctor Examination if they’re not fairly certain.
    Deng Hongfeng is positive in his guess that Muyan very much wants to become a doctor of Xuan Medical Pavilion. In the end, she still can’t be allowed to step over his head.
    He can’t help but get even more proud of himself, “Little girl, aren’t you still tender? If you want to become a Senior Doctor like me, hehe… obediently wait for a few more years. But if you want to qualify as an Intermediate Doctor, you could come and find me in private. Maybe I can open the net on one side and give you another chance.”
    Muyan curls up the corners of her lips, and there’s a lazy and evil smile on her gorgeous face, “I don’t think it’s necessary to give me another chance.”
    “Smelly girl, not giving face to the courtesy I’m giving you!”
    Deng Hongfeng’s complexion suddenly changes, “Very well, since you’re unable to tell good from bad, then you can never participate in Xuan Medical Pavilion’s assessments again in this life!”
    “Wait a minute!” Zhang Mingkun is finally unable to bear it as he says, “Dr. Deng, isn’t it too harsh to eliminate people like this? After all, she correctly diagnosed the first eight patients.”
    The other examiners couldn’t continue repressing their emotions either, and they mutter in low voices.
    “That’s right! Just watching from a distance, not even taking their pulse, she could answer 80% right. Seriously, it’s already very awe-inspiring.”
    “This old man is ashamed of being inferior!”
    “I’m also ashamed of being inferior!”
    “Even not as a Senior Doctor, shouldn’t we at least give her the seal for an Intermediate Doctor?”
    Even those patients are looking at Muyan with their eyes brimming with awe.
    Especially those who were diagnosed and given a treatment plan, their hearts are filled with gratitude, and it inadvertently comes out it in their words and expressions.
    Deng Hongfeng listens to everyone’s whispered discussions, and his complexion turns green then white.
    “All of you shut up for me!” Deng Hongfeng points at Zhang Mingkun and the others, his eyes are filled with fierceness.

2 thoughts on “EMHS – ch249

  1. I do not believe that she gave a wrong answer. I think it will be revealed later that he is sick and this will shock all of them as it is something they didn’t notice. Perhaps this is the biggest face slap.


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