EMHS – ch248

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Chapter 248: An Impossible Task
    “That’s right! At least let this girl take the pulse?”
    “Treating ten patients within two hours is already an impossible task by itself. Now even taking the pulse is also not allowed? How could it be done ah?”
    The other examiners couldn’t continue watching either, as they start commenting with seven mouths and eight tongues*.
  • people talking over each other; lively chatter
    There’s also another thing, angry words that they don’t dare speak-
    Deng Hongfeng, as a Senior Doctor, can you pass this kind of assessment?
    Even if he’s allowed to look, ask, and take the pulse… it would still be improbable that he could give a diagnosis and treatment plan for ten patients, all within two hours. Not to mention if he’s just allowed to look.
    Deng Hongfeng heavily kicks the low table in front of him, turning it over.
    A gloomy and sinister gaze sweeps over everyone in the room. He says with a sneer: “I said that this is the content of the assessment, so this is the content of the assessment. Do you people have any objections?”
    As the examiners meet his sinister gaze, each and every one of them are immediately silenced out of fear, not daring to say another word.
    Deng Hongfeng gloomily measures Muyan, “This is the content of the Senior Doctor’s Formal Assessment. If there’s nothing you can do to pass it, you can just leave now!”
    Muyan’s long lashes droop down a bit, then after a while, she slowly raises her eyes.
    In her pitch-black crystal eyes, there’s a gleaming reflection of waves in sunlight. With a smile that isn’t a smile: “Alright, I’ll receive this assessment.”
    At the side, Zhang Mingkun lets out a sigh, shaking his head in guilt and disappointment.
    Still, there’s a complacent light flitting across Deng Hongfeng’s eyes.
    In his mind, he thinks that if this girl still wants to be a doctor after failing this assessment, she will inevitably come to flatter him and curry his favor.
    By then, he would be able to wantonly toy with this woman…
    Anticipating of such an exciting situation, there’s a gleam of beast-like bloodthirst and cruelty in Deng Hongfeng’s eyes.
    At this time, Muyan is already walking, neither fast nor slow, until she arrives in front of the first patient.
    “This person is sick.” the sweet-sounding voice is like a clear dewdrop tumbling down a bamboo leaf, “It’s Chest Discomfort, soup made with bitter orange, white scallion and cinnamon. Supplemented by…”
    As soon as she starts speaking, the smiling expression brought about by Deng Hongfeng’s fantasizing, suddenly goes stiff on his face.
    All the examiners in the room are watching her in disbelief.
    Be it the illness or the treatment plan, there’s not even a little bit of error at all.
    No pulse, no questions, not even getting close for examination, this… how could she have come up with the diagnosis?
    The examiners look at each other, all of them seeing astonishment in the other’s eyes.
    After the initial shock, Deng Hongfeng snorts, “It’s just a blind cat running into a dead mouse, I don’t believe that she can directly see the illnesses of all these patients!”
    Muyan slowly walks before the second patient, no pauses on her steps. Light as a feather, she says: “This person, no illness.”
    Saying that, she directly passes him.
    They’re shocked once again!!
    That’s because this second person looks yellow-faced and malnourished, but in fact, she’s just born with a small skeleton and yellow skin. In reality, she’s not sick.
    If you can check her pulse, it definitely won’t be a problem to know that.
    But Muyan can immediately determine that this person doesn’t have an illness, by just looking from a distance?
    “This person, sick. Tuberculosis, there’s no medicine to cure it, but using oyster and Prunella can ease the pain, and delay it from flaring up.”
    “This person, sick. Pathogenic influenza. You treat it by…”
    Like this, Muyan walks past each patient like she’s taking a leisurely stroll.
    Each time she’s in front of someone, she determines this person’s illness, as well as the method of treatment.
    As for the examiners of the Xuan Medical Pavilion, from their initial shock, they eventually become overwhelmed. As Muyan accurately diagnoses the seventh and eighth patients, and as she gives the method of treatment… each and every one of them has already gone numb.

5 thoughts on “EMHS – ch248

  1. ROFL !!! Face slapped big time. I want to see who in the Xuan Medical Pavilion is going to respect Deng Hongfeng.

    Doctors have mouths and they will talk among themselves and others about this event. There is no way Deng Hongfeng can stop people knowing Muyan’s skills.


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