EMHS – ch247

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Chapter 247: What about 10
    However, before his hands could feel that delectable tactile sensation, he suddenly feels a piercing pain on his hands and elbows.
    “Aah–!!” a wretched, pig-like squealing echoes within the spacious room.
    The other examiners in the room all jump up in fright.
    One after another, they turn their heads, and are surprised to find that Deng Hongfeng’s hands are limply hanging down.
    The elbows seem to have been forcibly snapped.
    The intense pain is making Deng Hongfeng’s horse-like face scrunch up. It appears exceptionally fierce and hilarious.
    This… what happened?
    “Ah, help! Help me! You group of idiots, what’re you all dawdling for? Hurry up… hurry up and give me a treatment… aaah!”
    The Xuan Medical Pavilion’s examiners come back to their senses, and quickly swarm around Deng Hongfeng to check his injuries.
    It doesn’t look like a heavy injury, just dislocation.
    Each of these examiners have excellent medical skills, so the elbows’ dislocation is very quickly corrected.
    Still, Deng Hongfeng lets out a miserable howl amidst the pain.
    By the time that the treatment is complete, he’s already covered in cold sweat.
    He glares at Muyan like he wants to kill her, “Slut, what did you do to me?!”
    Muyan shows an innocent smile, calmly saying: “Doctor must be cracking a joke, I’m just standing here, I haven’t even lifted a hand, what could I have done?”
    “That’s right, we’ve already wasted a lot of time. Excuse me, but can we start the Senior Doctor’s Formal Assessment?”
    Deng Hongfeng ferociously glares at her, as if he wants to see any hole in what she said.
    But what he can see before his eyes is nothing more than a beautiful, frail girl.
    How can an 18 or 19-year old girl possibly break his arms without moving her hands?
    He’s a martial practitioner at the peak of Profound Stage!
    But if it wasn’t her, who else could’ve done it?
    With this much confusion, how could Deng Hongfeng still think of sex.
    Now, he only wants to kick this evil woman out. He simply can’t let her become a Senior Doctor and step over his head.
    “Fine, I’ll have to take a look if you have any qualifications to be a Senior Doctor in my Xuan Medical Pavilion.”
    After that, Deng Hongfeng lifts up his hands to clap, but he feels a burst of pain on his joints.
    He can only put them down resentfully, and he says through gritted teeth: “Bring all the patients in for me.”
    One order, and very quickly, ten people – men, women, young and old – are brought in.
    They’re made to stand in a row before Muyan.
    Muyan can’t help but lift up her brows.
    All these people, just looking at their complexions would tell you that they have some illness.
    The Primary Doctor’s Assessment includes medical diagnosis.
    But it only requires them to treat one patient.
    The Intermediate Doctor’s Assessment is a little more difficult, but it still just requires them to diagnose three patients.
    Didn’t expect that Senior Doctor’s Assessment would directly have ten patients.
    But, so what if it’s ten?
    It can’t be that she still couldn’t manage that?
    Muyan is just about to go over and take a pulse, but she hears Deng Hongfeng’s grim laugh.
    “Even in the entire Yanwu Continent’s Xuan Medical Pavilion, there are only a handful of Senior Doctors.”
    “If you want to pass this Senior Doctor’s Assessment, you should at least show some ability. For these ten patients, within an two hours, I want you to determine their illnesses, and supply an effective treatment plan. You can only look, you cannot feel their pulse, cannot ask them anything, and you cannot approach them!”
    Muyan stares blankly, slightly knitting her brows up.
    For looking, listening, asking, and feeling the pulse – she’s only allowed to “look”. This is still making a diagnosis?
    Zhang Mingkun suddenly stands up and says: “Dr. Deng, this is different from what we’ve discussed in the beginning! Without asking or taking their pulse, how would it be possible to make a medical diagnosis? Isn’t this too much of an impossible task?”

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