EMHS – ch246

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Chapter 246: Whole Body Examination?
    Muyan is calm and unruffled during that chaos, as she waits for an hour before someone finally comes over and tells her to come into a spacious and empty room.
    The moment she enters, Muyan could feel an intensely nauseating gaze.
    Turning her head to look, she meets a pair of sleazy hawk-like eyes.
    Those eyes look her up and down. There’s greed, amazement and vulgarity within them, like he wishes he could use his gaze to strip her of all her clothes.
    That gaze is simply so disgusting, it could make people want to throw up.
    Deng Hongfeng had originally intended to deliberately make things difficult for the talented doctor who’s better than him. 
    But the moment he sees Muyan’s appearance, his eyes immediately stare fixedly, his drool falls down, only leaving him stunned.
    He really didn’t expect that the so-called genius girl doctor would actually be such a bright and moving beauty.
    Deng Hongfeng hurriedly walks forward, his mouth saying, “You must be the Miss Jun who wants to take the Senior Doctor’s Assessment. Let me see your muscles and bones first, to check whether or not you’re qualified to become a good doctor.”
    Saying that, those withered hands that are rather like chicken feet, go to grab towards Muyan’s chest.
    There are also some examiners like Zhang Mingkun waiting in the room.
    Seeing this scene, each and every one of them have a bit of an unsightly complexion.
    But they simply don’t open their eyes, nobody dares to step forward to help Muyan out.
    That’s because, in Tianyuan City, offending Deng Hongfeng would be tantamount to offending the entire Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    These people will never want to get involved with this doctor’s ways.
    Zhang Mingkun clenches his hands, his eyes are bursting with flames. He suddenly tries to stand up.
    But he gets pulled down by the person beside him, “Are you tired of living? Have you gone mad? This isn’t the first time that you’ve come to know that Deng Hongfeng likes to defile women.”
    “Did you forget? At that time when he had taken a fancy on Dr. Liu’s newly wedded wife, the latter resisted and wouldn’t obey, so he got his hands directly crippled, and from then on, Dr. Liu could no longer practice medicine.”
    “Those adopted sons of his, and those grandsons, which one of them aren’t sending their own wives and daughters for him to play with? In Tianyuan, who would dare offend him?”
    The fiery anger in Zhang Mingkun’s eyes slowly withdraws under the persuasions of his peer. Nevertheless, he clenches his teeth and directs his sight towards the them.
    He just spoke rudely towards Muyan, then later, he was impressed by her answers. Zhang Mingkun’s heart was filled with guilt.
    He was originally eager to promote the Senior Doctor’s Assessment with the hope that he could make it up to this girl.
    But he didn’t expect that he would only push her into the abyss of hell.
    How could Zhang Mingkun be comfortable about this?
    One by one, the examiners turn their heads away, covering their ears, covering their eyes.
    Pretending that they could not see this scene happening before them, they couldn’t hear it.
    They already know Muyan’s fate, they’re already well aware but they can’t do anything about it.
    On the other side, Muyan sees the perverted hand stretching towards her bosom and she takes a step back.
    She lets out an innocent laugh as she says: “I really don’t remember any provision for assessing senior doctors that requires examining the muscles and bones.”
    As she speaks, there a voice that’s clear and euphonious, like the sounds of nature curling up in one’s ears.
    It makes Deng Hongfeng even more excited, his eyes seem to be spurting out fire.
    The young lady before his eyes is like the most perfect snow-jade carving, ice flesh and jade bones, flawless and luminous.
    The more it’s like so, the more he wants to ravage, the more he wants to torment.
    If he could make red, blue and purple bruises on such a perfect and flawlessly white body, what a wonderful scene would it be!
    “Haha, this girl may not know that I have the final say in the Xuan Medical Pavilion. If I say I’ll examine the muscles and bones, then I’ll naturally do so.”
    With that, he has an urgent look as he throws himself to Muyan.

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5 thoughts on “EMHS – ch246

  1. I hope she cripples him. It will be interesting to see this perverted doctor heal himself.

    If a Master can have a direct disciple like this, Xuan Medical Pavilion is a place that is corrupt and windy with not true intentions of being medical practitioners.


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