EMHS – ch245

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Chapter 245: It’s possible that a miracle would happen
    Muyan puts her pen down, shaking the paper as the ink hasn’t completely dried yet. She then hands it over to the examiner.
    The light pink petal lips move, saying lazily, “I’ve finished the exam.”
    Fi… finished the exam?!!
    The examiner opens his eyes wide, incredulously receiving the paper.
    The wide paper is spread out, and under every question, a meticulous and tidy answer is written in graceful handwriting.
    And all these answers–
    For each one that the he knows the answer to, they… they’re all correct.
    And those that he doesn’t know, he just feels as if he gets a sudden flash of insight and all is clear as he goes through some explanations to the answers.
    The long-bearded examiner snaps his head up, the way he looks at Muyan is like he’s watching a freak: “These… you answered all of these by yourself?”
    Muyan leisurely smiles, “Of course, I came to take the examination for senior doctors. If I can’t even answer these these problems, why would I be here?”
    The long-bearded examiner sluggishly looks over the exam paper, then looks over to Muyan.
    After looking back and forth for several times, he abruptly comes back to his senses, “You… wait a moment, I will now notify the Council of Elders to conduct a formal Senior Doctor Assessment!”
    Saying that, he turns to leave.
    Before he could take two steps however, he strides back again and gives Muyan a deep bow.
    “This humble one is Zhang Mingkun, and Intermediate Doctor at Xuan Medical Pavilion. Previously, I didn’t think that this young lady would have such ability. I’ve made many a faux pas, still I hope that miss wouldn’t take offense.”
    It could be said that Zhang Mingkun’s report is shaking the the entire sky of Tianyuan City’s Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    In the Council of Elders that had been quiet for a long time, one by one, doctors are gathering together.
    Each one has an astonished face while reading through Muyan’s exam paper.
    “You all said, someone answered all the questions from Master?” a sly voice could be heard coming from the doorway.
    At the same time, they could see a beardless middle-aged man walking in. He has a horse-like face, hawk-eyes, and smooth skin. However, his neck and the back of his hand are all wrinkled.
    Upon seeing this man, everyone inside the room immediately stand up and give their respectful salutations.
    “Greetings to Doctor Deng.”
    Deng Hongfeng, the only Senior Doctor in Tianyuan’s Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    He is also an apprentice of it’s founder, Qian Qing.
    In there, it could be said that he has the power to say one word and mean just that.
    Deng Hongfeng’s eyes shift, falling on Zhang Mingkun, “How could someone possibly answer all of the questions that Master had made? Aren’t you talking rubbish?”
    “It’s absolutely true!” Zhang Mingkun quickly replies, “I personally watched that little girl take the exam, she answered every question, and it had only taken her less than an hour.”
    As soon as he says this, Deng Hongfeng’s complexion immediately becomes very unsightly.
    Deng Hongfeng didn’t get his title as a Senior Doctor through an examination, but it was directly given to him by his Master.
    Yet he is very confident about his own medical skills.
    But in the face of those questions from his Master, he could only answer about 70%, and it took him four whole hours.
    How could a little girl do better than him? Even doing it in a shorter time?
    Deng Hongfeng steadies his face, and he pulls that examination paper over. His eyes scan it up and down several times.
    But he simply can’t see any problem with it at all.
    There are even some answers that are more incisive than the ones that his Master had told him at that time, drawing blood on the first prick.
    But Zhang Mingkun doesn’t see his meaningful look at all.
    He still excitedly talks: “Dr. Deng, our Tianyuan City hasn’t produced a Senior Doctor for many years. Maybe it’s really possible that a miracle would happen today… a Senior Doctor who is less than twenty years old!”
    Deng Hongfeng fiercely furrows his brows, saying with a sneer: “Well, I’ll have a look, just how gifted is this woman in the end. I will personally preside over this Senior Doctor’s Assessment!”

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