EMHS – ch240

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Chapter 240: Go and take the examination
    While it’s fast asleep, who knows what the fat rabbit is dreaming of, as it seems to shiver from the the cold.
    So it turns it’s body over to lie on it’s own soft fluffy belly, and continues to sleep soundly.
    Muyan studies the formula for Replacing the Marrow and Washing the Tendons, and discovers that of the three main ingredients in it – Dragon Bone Grass, Smelted Marrow Flower, and Harmony Grass – only the Harmony Grass is readily available.
    For the other two, even the Fog Forest and the Ghost City’s draught Warehouse didn’t have it.
    These two medicinal ingredients by themselves are very uncommon in the Yanwu Continent, they don’t even have a market price.
    Muyan had Old Tao use the ghost doctor’s channel, and go to various areas to inquire about those ingredients.
    “Miss, from this subordinate’s inquiries, in the whole Yanwu Continent, I’m afraid that there are only two places that have these rare draught ingredients.”
    “Which places?”
    “One would be in the Huang Yao Country’s Heavenly Road Sect, in the hands of the alchemy master Jian Feng; and the other is from the Xuan Medical Pavilion, which was founded by the Godly doctor from Jing Cheng Country. However, if you want to purchase draught ingredients from the Xuan Medical Pavilion, you must first pass it’s examination and become their affiliated senior doctor.”
    Hearing about the Godly doctor of the Xuan Medical Pavilion, Muyan’s pupils slightly contract, and a chilling glint flashes through her eyes.
    Old Tao continues: “However, this subordinate has already made Ghost City’s people help to coordinate with them. Considering Ghost City’s face, I believe that Xuan Medical Pavilion would be willing to sell when it’s simply buying a few draught ingredients from them.”
    “No need.” Muyan carelessly interrupts him and raises her teacup to slowly take a sip, “I’ll go and take Xuan Medical Pavilion’s doctor qualification exam.”
    Old Tao originally wanted to say more, but he suddenly chokes, and becomes flabbergasted.
    Wait, wait!
    Miss, can you not make it like the Xuan Medical Pavilion’s doctor examination is just as simple as eating and drinking?
    Every year, there are very few people who can pass the exam for primary doctors, not to mention senior doctors.
    Many doctors would practice medicine for decades, and would still fail before the intermediate doctor’s examination.
    You… who would take the senior doctor examination so casually like you would?
    As if she could hear Old Tao’s tactful comments, Muyan’s lips curl up, revealing a lazy and evil smile.
    “Since it’s an old friend’s territory, how can I not personally go there for a bit?”
    Coming out from the Tianxiang lane, Shen Jinglin looks at the red bean cakes on his hands. His weathered face shows a rare soft expression.
    When they were kids, Yanyan’s favorite food was the red bean cakes from Tianxiang lane.
    No matter how sad or angry she was, she would show a sweet smile as soon as she eats a red bean cake.
    These past five years, Shen Jinglin had bought these cakes countless of times, but he had no one to give them to.
    Now, his little sister has finally returned home.
    Just as he’s lost in thought, a figure suddenly rushes out from the side, bumping directly into him.
    With Muyan’s treatments, Shen Jinglin’s body is much better and he doesn’t need to use a cane at this time.
    However, his leg is still lame and his cultivation still hasn’t returned.
    So with that collision, he staggers and directly tumbles to the ground.
    He hears a pained groan by his side.
    Shen Jinglin thinks that this voice sounds familiar, and when he raises his head to look, he sees a dainty but haggard face. He can’t help but stare blankly, “Jingya? Jingya, is that you?”
    The woman who has fallen on her chest is slightly wrinkling her brows because of the pain.
    Hearing his voice, her head snaps up, “Shen… brother?”
    Just calling out those words seems to make the rims of the woman’s eyes turn red, her voice also becomes emotional.
    But she quickly hides it and hurriedly gets up, “Shen-brother, are you alright? Did I hurt you from the collision?”
    Shen Jinglin shakes his head and gets up from the ground.
    Seeing the way he limps, the woman’s eyes couldn’t help but well up with tears.

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