EMHS – ch239

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Chapter 239: What kind of Breed

    “Who was the one that took my mother?”
    “Yi-brother didn’t say.” Shen father shakes his head again, “I only know that it’s a force in Xiuzhen Continent that can hide the sky with one hand.”
    “Before he left, Yi-brother said that he hopes I would properly raise you up, without telling you the truth, only that your birth parents are already dead. He… he doesn’t wish for you to avenge them.”
    “Yanyan, I’m sorry, I didn’t comply with my agreement with Yi-brother, I didn’t properly take care you.” Shen father chokes with emotion, “I also didn’t fulfill my promise to him, that I would conceal this matter from you forever. I’ve always held this gleam of hope that maybe Yi-brother, he… he is still alive…”
    “Father.” Muyan reaches out her hand to hold his, which are aged like a dry twig. Softly saying, “Father, you’ve already done enough, you don’t need to blame yourself. And though I’m not your own child, you’ve treated me better than your own daughter all these years…”
    “Su Yuexiang’s matter has nothing to do with you. Even if you indeed made a mistake back then, you’ve also already paid enough for it, with all the suffering and torment that you’ve received in these years.”
    “In the future, we – you, brother, Xiao Bao, and I… our large family will get better and better.”
    These words from Muyan seem to have touched a certain knot in the Shen patriarch, that he can’t help it anymore, and tears fall trickling down.
    “Can Jinglin really be cured still?”
    “He can! Father, I promise you that I’ll definitely be able to cure big brother!”
    “Yanyan, can you really forgive me? I’ve let you suffer that kind of harm…”
    “Yes, father, I forgive you.”
    Shen father is like a child as he weeps, but the depression that he had accumulated over this period of time, his guilt and remorse, he has given vent to all of them to come out.
    Muyan lets out a sigh of relief once she could feel the breath of vitality slowly spread through his body.
    Like this, Shen father can truly gradually recover.
    “Yanyan, you think, is Yi-brother… is he still alive?”
    Hearing Shen father finally ask that as he sobs, Muyan goes silent for a good moment, only to look out the window and murmur,
    “I will definitely go to that world, and I’ll confirm the fate of my father and mother.”
    “Baby, you found this in the Space?”
    Muyan is simply amazed as she flips through the thin book of draughts in her hand.
    These draught formulas here, each one of them had never been seen or heard of before, and their value simply couldn’t be measured with common objects.
    To give an example-
    The Philter of Barrier Breaking that Muyan refines is from a prescription that Baili Liuyin had left behind.
    Just one bottle could be easily sold for 10 million gold coins.
    Though, this [Book of Supreme Draughts] only contain less than ten prescriptions,
    The value of any one of them is still much higher than ten prescriptions that are like the Philter of Barrier Breaking.
    Muyan is especially pleasantly surprised with the first prescription in particular — Philter for Replacing the Marrow and Washing the Tendons.
    This seems to be tailored for Shen Jinglin.
    Seeing Xiao Bao nod, Muyan couldn’t help but pick her son up and mercilessly pepper him with kisses.
    Xiao Bao little cheeks are red, but his big eyes are filled with a resplendent radiance.
    “Niangqin, this is all thanks to the bunny.”
    Xiao Bao describes the course of events, when the rabbit turned big, flying high up in the sky, and throwing a book down.
    Muyan tilts her head down to look at the fat rabbit as it lies on the ground, sleeping sweetly. Her expression becomes pensive.
    Although she had known beforehand that this rabbit is powerful, she didn’t expect that it would be to this extent.
    What kind of breed is this fat rabbit in the end?
    Oh, whatever, good thing they didn’t stir-fry the rabbit and eat it at that time.
    While it’s fast asleep, who knows what the fat rabbit is dreaming of, as it seems to shiver from the the cold.

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